Epic Games Nerfs The Compact SMG After Massive Fan Outcry

Where previously the shotgun was the bane of every Fortnite player, the new compact SMG took over that role extremely well. The new weapon was only just released but has already caused a massive outcry among Fortnite players. It’s clear that nobody likes the new weapon as it is just severely unbalanced. It hits way too hard, way too fast, and way too accurately. Any other weapon is obsolete after the introduction of the compact SMG. The straw that really broke the camel’s back was when the compact SMG proved to more powerful than Thanos’ infinity gauntlet laser beam.


The compact SMG is literally more powerful than Thanos’ power stone lazer beam. from r/FortNiteBR

Fortunately for Fortnite players, the game is run by a studio that actually listens to its fans. Epic Games has just revealed that they have already nerfed the compact SMG as well as SMGs in general through a hotfix. The full list of changes is as follows:

  • SMG and Compact SMG accuracy bonus reduced from 35% to 15%.

  • SMG damage reduced from 19/20/21 to 17/18/19.

  • Compact SMG damage reduced from 23/24 to 21/22.

  • SMG fire rate reduced from 13 to 12.

  • Compact SMG fire rate reduced from 11 to 10.

  • SMG, Compact SMG, and Silenced SMG damage falloff.

  • Range reduced from 2400/3500/5000 to 2000/3000/4000.

  • Percentage reduced from 100/80/65% to 100/70/40%.

  • Rare SMG and Compact SMGs drop rates slightly reduced.

All the nerfs in this hotfix are specifically focused on bringing the SMG down enough so that it’s not the single most powerful gun in the game anymore. This should bring some more balance back to the game. Now you can complain again about other unfair reasons why you died.

Epic Games has also stated on Reddit that the SMG will do less damage to structures. This is due to the weapon’s damage falloff that also affects the damage it does to structures. This means that your structures can’t be obliterated by random long-range SMG fire any longer.

The hotfix once again shows that Epic Games is an awesome company. Sure the game was unbalanced after the latest patch but game balance is hard and it’s normal for game studios to miss the mark sometimes. However, the hotfix truly shows how much they care about providing a fun and balanced experience for everyone who enjoys the game.


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