Fortnite Anniversary Patch 5.10 Is Live, Playground LTM Returns

Fortnite Patch 5.10 Is Live, Playground LTM Returns

To celebrate Fortnite’s first anniversary, Epic Games has released a new patch brimming with anniversary-themed challenges, in-game decorations, and a life/shield giving birthday cake treasure hunt.

Patch 5.10 also heralds the return of the much-loved Playground limited time mode. It allows players to build and skirmish without limitations acting as a creative or practice mode. The mode was positively received across the board, prompting Epic to patch up known issues and add content.

After a tumultuous introduction marked by a seemingly never ending see-sawing between being available, then being removed, only to resurface days later, Playground was benched earlier this month with Epic promising it would be back in an improved form.

Fortnite Patch 5.10 Is Live, Playground LTM Returns

Returning on July 25th, Playground has lots of new features. Players now have the ability to switch teams on the fly to encourage quick fire target practice and matches no longer come to an end if a player jumps ship and leaves the game. The player respawn timer has been cut down from 10 seconds to 3 seconds to maximize practice time.

As promised when Playground was shelved, aim assist now works for game pads on both console and PC. Following their introduction to the normal Battle Royale mode for Season 5, golf carts now spawn in Playground. Epic have also toyed with spawn rates for launch pads, chests, and slurps among other items.

Fortnite Patch 5.10 Is Live, Playground LTM Returns

The brand new compact SMG goes live with 5.10, as do changes to the sweet nectar of life Slurp Juice. Consumption now gives 1 health point every half second, up to 75 points total. Should the health bar be full, the points will transfer automatically to the shield. As always, the patch tinkers with drop rates, adds bug fixes and slight performance changes, as well as a few audio and UI tweaks.

Interestingly, the health stats of building materials have changed with higher base and max level health for wood walls, and a faster build time for metal. Storm Circle wait times have also been increased across the board.

The scheduled downtime is now over and the patch is live. Note Playground remains a limited time mode. Epic has yet to provide an end date.

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