What Is Ligma? Here’s A Breakdown Of The Ligma Phenomenon

What is Ligma? If you’ve been following omega popular Fortnite streamer Tyler Blevins, aka “Ninja”, on Twitch, you’ve undoubtedly seen the term. For those that missed the birth of the Ligma meme, here’s the story on how the craze was born.

It started with Ninja not streaming for several hours when he normally streamed. If you’re not a big into Twitch culture, “several hours” in Twitch time is equivalent to years IRL. In short, fans started wondering what was going on behind his sudden disappearance. That’s when a certain Instagram account “Ninja Hater” decided to offer fans a bit of insight. He shared the below picture showing Ninja being called to heaven by several deceased celebrities.


The caption calls on fellow trolls to help spread the picture and “make fake news.” Moments later, another Instagram account, Foster.roach, reshared the image

along with a new caption stating, “I can’t believe he died from ligma.” Thus the internet’s newest meme was born.

Numerous content started appearing online regarding the supposed “outbreak of ligma.”

Here’s one troll’s attempt at a CNN article on the ligma outbreak in Florida.

Ligma Florida
Image Source: Twitter

Needless to say, “ligma” is a joke illness that was created specifically to troll the masses. When somebody asks “What is ligma?” the joke is to reply “Lick my balls!” as in “Ligma balls!” Yes, that’s it. That’s the joke in a nutshell.

Once Ninja returned to his regular streaming schedule, fans continued with the ligma meme in his chat. It got so bad that he ended up banning the word.


In the end, what is ligma? It’s the story of just how easy it is to create a viral meme and how fast fake news can spread.


Featured Image Credits: Fortnite Records

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