God Of War Fans Disappointed With Final Secret, Don’t Believe It’s Real

Fans of latest God of War installment have found tons of secrets in the game, however, one last secret was yet to be uncovered. Last May, the game’s director Cory Barlog confirmed that there was one secret that had not been found yet. At San Diego Comic-con, the developers gave a hint on the secret that pointed fans towards the house of Kratos. After a bit of digging, God of War fans finally found the secret. However, they were so disappointed that they refuse to believe that this is it.


As for what the final secret is, it’s the name Loki spelled out in runes in different corners of the house. They also realized that the piece that Atreus’ mom had woven before she died was the symbol for Loki, two snakes biting each other in the tail. This confirms that Faye knew that Atreus was Loki. However, for anyone that has played through the game, the information that Atreus is Loki is not new at all. This made it rather underwhelming for fans of the game who thought that it was more an easter egg than a real secret.

This is why many disillusioned fans that spent hours searching for something cool were quite disappointed. They believe that there is no way that this is the secret. Especially after all the hype that was surrounding this last secret since Balrog’s statement in May. However, Joe Kennedy (Joe Draws on Reddit), a concept artist that worked on the game has confirmed in the Reddit thread that players found the secret.



Although Joe Kennedy has pretty much confirmed that this is the final secret, players are far from convinced and have since gone on a wild goose hunt to find the “real” final secret. People are now trying the weirdest things in order to find something more significant in the game. Some players have been going to Kratos’ and Freya’s houses after every single mission hoping that something has changed.  They are also having discussions on whether the runes are the secret that Balrog meant or not, twisting and turning any information that he has given in interviews.

While I agree with their sentiment that the final secret is rather disappointing, Joe Kennedy has flat out confirmed that this is it. It might be time for Cory Balrog to quickly make a statement before the God of War community goes completely off the rails.

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