Tyler1 Is Soaring Through The Ranks On The North American Ladder

Tyler1 is probably one of the most sensational and controversial streamers that Twitch or League of Legends have ever seen. However, many players and fans thought that he was finally washed up after he became hard-stuck in Diamond 2 and lost a 1v1 against Rioter Blaustoise. Yet again though, Tyler1 proves all his haters wrong by climbing from Diamond 2 all the way to Challenger. He is as of writing rank 13 on the Challenger ladder and the second best AD carry.


There are two main reasons as to why he has been climbing the ladder at such an insane pace. The first is that two champions that Tyler1 excels at have been left mostly untouched by the nerfs that hit AD carries. Both Draven and Quinn are very strong champions right now that Tyler1 is extremely good on. Tyler1 is even known for his extremely strong Draven play and love for the champion so it’s not surprising that he is able to climb now that Draven is in a good place.

The ot her reason why he is rapidly ascending the ladder is that he is just playing out of his mind. He is playing in classic Tyler1 fashion. Extremely aggressive and always going for outplays. Needless to say that he found his old form back as he has been crushing every opponent that stands in his way. As of writing, he has a win rate of 56%

which is a pretty high number, especially considering that he is up against the best players that the game has to offer. Over the past week, he has also shown impressive win rates of 60% on Quinn and 78% on Draven.

Tyler1 has also been streaming his entire climb and is still live as of right now if you’re interested in seeing how the climb is going for him. He still climbing at a rapid pace so who knows how far he will get. Whether you think Tyler1 is entertaining or not, you can’t argue with the fact that he possesses some insane skill in the game when he’s boasting such impressive win rates.

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