Sony Reveals More Details On PS4 Spider-Man At San Diego Comic-Con

A whole bunch of new information has just been released on Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 at San Diego Comic-Con. After teasing the fans a bit yesterday, Sony decided to give us an entirely new trailer together with a whole bunch of new information

as well as some other cool things that will come out when the game launches.

In the trailer, we get a first look at a new character called Silver Sable. This character was introduced to the amazing Spider-Man comics in 1985 and has been a popular anti-hero ever since. She mainly works as a mercenary which means that sometimes she’s on the side of other heroes and sometimes not. In this game, she is definitely not an ally of our beloved Spidey as she is hired by Norman Osborn to restore peace to the city, which includes taking down Spider-Man. This is also the first time we hear Norman Osborn talk in the trailers. He is the mayor of the city and believes that Spider-Man actively contributes to the chaos that’s going on.

The trailer also shows us that we will interact a lot with Peter Parker’s close friends Mary Jane and Miles Morales. Despite Spider-Man being the hero, we see in the trailer that they are working closely together. We even see Mary Jane infiltrate a house, which could indicate that we might play certain parts of missions as her. Sony has stated that partnerships will play a big role in the game which means that we will probably get a lot of interaction with MJ and Miles.


Sony also revealed the third and final Spider-Man suit that you will receive upon pre-ordering the game. The suit is called the Velocity Suit and looks like a highly stylized futuristic suit. The suit was designed by Adi Granov who is an artist and designer working for Marvel Comics. The Velocity suit together with the iron suit and the punk suit will be the three suits you get as a pre-order bonus, however, the suits can also be earned in-game if you didn’t pre-order.

Lastly, Sony has revealed a stunning Spider-Man PlayStation 4. The limited edition PS 4 will be bundled together with the new Spider-Man game as well as a DualShock 4 wireless controller. The console is colored in a bright red and features the Spider-Man logo in white. The controller comes in the same color and has white highlights. The bundle will cost $399.-. Both the Spider-Man PS 4 bundle and the standalone game will come out on September 7th.

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