LoL Guide: How To Counter Urgot In Top Lane

Urgot received the changes he deserved in patch 7.15 and has been looking strong since. In the current scene of League of Legends, Urgot is not a bit of this and that anymore but is now a real top lane champion. He has abilities with good enough range and deal a significant amount of damage. 2 out of 4 active abilities have crowd control effects. Urgot is also in possession of good defensive power. Let’s take a deeper look at what Urgot is capable of and see how to counter him in this patch.

LoL Guide: How To Counter Urgot In Top Lane

I. Urgot’s overview

1. Pros

  • Now geared with more crowd control abilities
  • Consistent damage output, strong in 1v1 fights with no minion nearby
  • Strong in laning phase
  • His ultimate can finish off a target that has below 25% HP instantly
  • Considerably durable

2. Cons

  • Short basic attacks range
  • Has no good movement ability. As Urgot’s E – Disdain has quite a long initial delay and short range, it’s very easy to dodge. Urgot can’t jump over terrain, walls with E either
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  • Urgot is only strong in 1v1 fights as his damage will be shared among all hit enemy
  • There are many ways to counter Urgot’s ultimate

II. How to counter Urgot

1. Urgot’s counter champions


kayle counter urgot

Kayle can activate her E – Righteous Fury to become a ranged champion that is able to perform basic attacks at 525 range unit. And while having E activated, Kayle can hit and also apply spell effects on multiple targets. Kayle can make the best out of it – clear minion waves, lower enemy champion’s HP effectively – to win lane and make mid-late game favorable to her team. In terms of the amount of damage one can deal, Kayle got the upper hand.

It’s hard for Urgot to approach Kayle when she has Divine Blessing (W) to boost her movement speed and heal herself and Reckoning (Q) to slow enemy down for a period of time. These two abilities can be used to counter Urgot well, preventing him from getting up close to Kayle.

Regardless of whom Urgot uses his ultimate Fear Beyond Death on, Kayle’s R – Intervention can intervene and invalidate it for good.


fiora counter urgot

Fiora’s W – Riposte should be perfect to counter Urgot. Before reaching Level 6, Urgot’s only crowd control ability is his E – Disdain and it’s easy to block with Riposte as the ability has a quite long delay. Upon being blocked, Urgot will even get stunned by Riposte’s after effect. Fiora can then take advantage of this and attack Urgot.


Furthermore, even Urgot’s ultimate – Fear Beyond Death can be blocked by Fiora’s Riposte too so getting Level 6 doesn’t mean that Urgot can overturn the situation fighting against Fiora. So basically if Fiora is in good enough hands, Urgot may not any winning chance in this match-up.

Basing on facts, Fiora can deal a lot more damage than Urgot can with her Q – Lunge and E – Bladework. While using R – Grand Challenge, Fiora can move around at greater movement speed which makes it harder for Urgot to attack her precisely.


Jayce counter urgot

Jayce is not a typical counter of Urgot but he is capable of suppressing Urgot from the beginning of laning phase.

Jayce’s longer attack range puts him at an advantage over Urgot in farming, harassing from Level 1 on. Jayce should not be afraid of Urgot in any case, having abilties like Lightning Field (W), To the Skies! (Q) in hand. If you want to know about how often would Jayce win against Urgot in 1v1 fights, it’s 80% win for Jayce.

“The Defender of Tomorrow” has many damage dealing abilties (in theory, 6) and can perform a lot of good combos by making use of the two stances: Hammer and Cannon.

Using Acceleration Gate (E – Cannon stance) gives Jayce a lot of bonus movement speed to deal with Urgot’s abilities.

2. Counter Urgot in gameplay

Items that can counter Urgot’s ultimate, his most dangerous weapon:  Zhonya’s Hourglass –  Banshee’s Veil –  Guardian Angel –  Quicksilver Sash

Urgot can only kill a target with HP below 25% with his ultimate. Hence, pick champions with good regeneration power or healing abilities to counter it.

Actively move around to avoid being attacked by Urgot so easily. Moving on a straight line would only give Urgot clear chance to attack you.

Call for gank on Urgot as soon as possible, especailly when Urgot has used his E – Disdain.

Don’t just 1v1 Urgot as his W – Purge is very strong against a single target. Don’t stand alone in team fights with Urgot nearby too, you may easily become his target.

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