Nathan Fillion Stars As Nathan Drake In Fan-Made Uncharted Movie

Uncharted fans that were begging for an Uncharted movie starring Nathan Fillion got what they wished for today. A 15-minute fan-made Uncharted movie can now be watched on YouTube that stars Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake. The movie was directed by Allen Ungar and written by Ungar and Jesse Wheeler. Stephen Lang joined the movie as everyone’s favorite supporting character Sully, and Mircea Monroe starred as the wife of Nathan Drake.


An actual Uncharted movie was announced to be in the making last May which will star recent Spiderman superstar Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, way before starting his life as a famed treasure hunter. The movie, directed by Shawn Levy will be based on a chapter 2011’s Uncharted: Drake’s Deception through which you discover the days that Nathan Drake had to live as a pickpocket.

This is not really the Uncharted movie that most fans were hoping for since everybody just wants to see a movie about the Nathan Drake we all fell in love with. Fans have been calling for Nathan Fillion to star as Nathan Drake for years now as he somehow looks and sounds exactly like Nathan Drake, despite the character being voiced by an entirely different person.

Luckily the fan-made project delivers and fans get exactly what they were looking for. The movie is even a great watch for people that never touched a single Uncharted game in their entire life. Of course, the quality isn’t as high as we get from actual feature films, however, from just watching the video alone you would hardly know that it was made by fans.

The movie is definitely a great example that sometimes you should just give the fans what they want, it’s not always a bad idea. Now let’s hope that Sony will be a fun sport and that the movie doesn’t get taken down from the internet.

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