LoL Patch 8.13: Top 5 Champions In Low Tier Ranked

Stucking in low tier ranked is not an easy feeling and this article should help the ones dealing with this situation. As the title specifies, the article is about top champions in each lane/role, not the best five champions of low tier ranked of League of Legends.

Top Lane – Darius

LoL Patch 8.13 Low Tier Ranked

In the current patch – patch 8.13, Darius is one of the most popular champions in top lane, in low tier ranked. Darius is an easy to play champion with abilities you can learn and use at ease. Get the right items for Darius and you won’t have to worry about him getting eliminated so fast. The new runes should be able to make up for his damage output, assist him a lot in 1v1 fights. Like in many other cases, you have to win lane with Darius to be able to carry the game with him.


Jungle – Master Yi

There’s a connectedness between Master Yi’s abilities and his basic attacks. Though being a jungle champion, Master Yi is capable of carrying his team, in low tier ranked. Get Master Yi Blade of the Ruined King or Guinsoo’s Rageblade and then defensive items like Sterak’s Gage, Maw of Malmortius, Randuin’s Omen and it should be enough for him to stand against any enemy champ in late game.

In low tier ranked, Silver for example, you should not worry too much about Master Yi dying of constant crowd control abilities. Patiently wait until you see the clear chance to jump in.

Mid Lane – Annie

Annie has very good damage output and is easy to play that you can achieve high efficiency with her. In low tier ranked, when last hitting is so easy, Annie can help you a lot with that, so be confident in picking her. You can start by maxing out Annie’s Q to last hit instead of using basic attacks. Annie gets mana refund from using Q so you can pay attention on last hitting and worry less about Annie’s mana pool. Learn how to use Annie’s crowd control ability when it’s available (via Annie’s passive ability – Pyromania) and you can make really good combos to deal a huge amount of damage with it.


Marksman – Miss Fortune

If you really know how to use Miss Fortune, she could be very strong in laning phase. Miss Fortune can gradually lower enemy champion’s HP by using Q – Double Up on enemy minions and the hit would finally land on enemy champion standing behind. The second shot can critically strike for 0% damage, and it always critically strikes if the first shot kills its target.

Into mid game and late game, Miss Fortune’s role is position well and use her abilities effectively in team fights, especially her R – Bullet Time. With a nice spot, Miss Fortune can do a lot more other Marksman champions do as she can just stand still, not moving too much while dealing damage.

Support – Volibear

Volibear is not only durable but is also in possession of high damage output which is capable of killing anyone that looks down on him. Volibear is easy to learn & play as a Support. Volibear can join in fights very early and can himself initiate when it’s time. In low tier ranked, team fights tend to take place here and there a lot and in 2v2 fights, having a Volibear should help you a lot. But as Volibear has only single target abilities, you should choose your target carefully. Another plus point of Volibear is that when his HP drops dramatically, he heals rapidly for a few seconds.

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