LoL Patch 8.13: Top 5 Champions In Solo Ranked Queue Right Now

These below 5 champions are so dominating in solo ranked queue at the moment that you would want to ban them for good in your matches.


Yasuo is here to stay as the most fearsome and also the one that is getting so much hate at the same time in ranked solo queue.

LoL Patch 8.13 Solo Ranked Queue

If Yasuo is in the hands of a highly skilled player/Champion Mastery 7+, Yasuo should be able to do what he does best – the main damage dealer, a great “hunter” that can precisely finish off his targets. You let Yasuo farm so well, let him get a lot of gold and experience without challenging him in laning phase, you would regret so bad later on. With just 2 crit items come online and Yasuo can suppress you easily.


But not everyone who tries to pick Yasuo quickly in matches is pro. In fact, you can ocassionally see someone joins a match, locks to pick Yasuo, spam “Imma carry you” sort of and … feed constantly. Turns out it’s a 20 min GG ez for the enemy team.


If you think that Talon is so out of meta then you’re totally wrong. Talon is among the best mid lane champions at the moment.

No significant changes have been made to Talon recently, he’s not favored by the vast majority of League of Legends players in so many patches that we cannot remember anymore. But, it’s true that Talon is now like a strong powerhouse.

Talon is often known as an assassin whose main goal is to assassinate enemy core champion. Now that seems even easier for Talon with a Stormrazor equipped. As the mid lane champions now are not so dominant in laing phase, Talon should often get easy match-ups and end up getting kills in laning phase. Talon can roam and get more kills too from targets that go solo.



Fiddlesticks has become more and more popular since Season 8. Now he is very dangerous in solo ranked queue thanks to his AoE damage abilities.

Fiddlesticks’ abilities, especially Crowstorm – his ultimate, allow him to directly engage, go against 5 enemy champions without fear. In patch 8.13, Fiddlesticks is more popular as a supporter than as a jungler in last season.


Before this patch, Aatrox was very strong in top lane. Now? Aatrox is even stronger.

Riot cast a doubt on Aatrox’s fate with the changes made to this champion early into the season as he was already a hot pick last season. It was indeed negatively affected by those changes but Riot soon released more changes to fix the situation. And Aatrox is back to the competitve scene in patch 8.13. You may have already witnessed that in Rift Rivals Vietnam (Vietnam – CIS – Turkey) with Aatrox’s winrate being 100%.

Twisted Fate

Without Twisted Fate, this list would not be completed, ever. It’s true that Twisted Fate – The Card Master was never really out of meta and not being a hot pick in ranked solo queue. With his R – Destiny, Twisted Fate can move up 5500 units in a blink of an eye which is a real threat to any enemy champion as one cannot prepare for such an unexpected attack.

If there’s no teamwork and map control at all on your team’s side, Twisted Fate will give your team a hard time finding a way to counter him.

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