Fortnite Players Take Jabs At Both Epic Games And PUBG

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A trending thread on the PUBG subreddit has fans of the series bonding with Fortnite players over the massive lag fest that was the first round of Epic Games’ Summer Skirmish. While the idea of the tournament sounded incredible on paper, how it actually turned out was far from the expected experience. The weekend tournament was initially planned to have duo teams compete until one group got two Victory Royales, but due to an unplayable level of lag, the event was cut after only four games. Here’s what one highly upvoted comment on the Fortnite subreddit had to say about the mess.


Fortnite PUBG Lag

Yep, that’s fans of two competing games coming together to bash the equally poor network performance. PUBG, notorious for their network problems, even has Fortnite players taking jabs at both games simultaneously. For some one reason or another, poor service is something that always brings people together.


While Epic Games seems to have a lot of great ideas for Fortnite, the extremely poor execution of the Summer Skirmish has put a spotlight on the company – players as well as media analysts will surely be questioning how the following weekend’s event will fare.

Aside from the lag, it didn’t even seem like the Epic team responsible for structuring this week’s event spent enough time thinking how the matches would actually play out. If the objective is to simply survive, players don’t necessarily need to be constantly fighting. This is precisely what happened – most teams adopted an exaggerated “turtle” strategy and tried as hard as they could to minimize risky skirmishes. Talk about boring.

Hopefully Epic is able to learn some lessons from this fiasco to create a better show for next weekend’s event. While network issues might take some time to deal with, fixing the lack of action shouldn’t. Just make the win condition “team with most kills” and you’ll pretty much solve the problem.

Good luck Epic Games, you’ve got a lot of work to do this week.


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