LCS Analyst MarkZ Blames NA Players For Being Too Lazy

A debate on NA solo queue has been going on ever since Rift Rivals ended last week. The debate was sparked when the European teams going to Los Angelos for Rift Rivals had to play on the NA servers and all stated that NA solo queue was extremely bad. Many other professional League of Legends players jumped in on the discussion to express their viewpoints and many other people have used it as a scapegoat for why NA performs poorly on the international stage.

Yesterday, MarkZ, a former coach for Team Liquid and current NA LCS analyst, expressed his views on the matter. He states that the reason that NA performs poorly at international events is due to their laziness and not because of NA solo queue. He says that the professional players have had access to a private server called the Tournament Realm for a really long time already but just don’t make use of it. They are too lazy to go to the other server and organize games with other pros rather than just click the play button on the regular client. He also went on Reddit to further state that he agrees that the NA servers are bad but that the pros already have a solution to this problem but refuse to make use of it.

MarkZ also disagrees with the argument that Streaming is a large reason as to why NA teams often fail on the international stage. He has done extensive research in all the streaming hours and amount of times that pros stream and he has come to the conclusion that streaming plays a far smaller role than most people suspect. After counting up all the streaming hours and streams of all the pros he comes to a conclusion that in the worst case scenario, 5 pro players stream every day. However, that means there are still about 95 other players that have access to the private server but are simply not willing to play on that one.

He concludes by saying that NA pros will never perform well on the international stage if they are too lazy to play games on the private servers. Since most average League players have no knowledge of this private server, Markz gives some interesting new perspective to the discussion. I think that he’s very right to state that NA players are too lazy since there has been a solution to the NA solo queue problem this entire time.

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