Vigilante Hacker Demonstrates A Lack Of Player Protection In Splatoon 2

Nintendo has been quite famous for how easily hackable their games are. Redditor user PleaseAddAntiCheat took it upon himself to make Nintendo painfully aware that cheaters and hackers are running rampant in the game. He did so by hacking into the game and putting himself on the top of the leaderboard with 4 accounts, spelling out Please Add Anti Cheat.

The hilarious but yet compelling message was quickly spotted by some Splatoon 2 users and quickly made rounds on the internet. After the message gained some notoriety, the hacker decided to step forward and explain why he what he did on Reddit. He claims that he deeply loves Splatoon and everything the game has to offer, but that a lot of the fun is taken away when you have to play against or are matched up with cheaters. He says that the Nintendo Switch offers decent protection against cheaters but that Nintendo still needs to have stronger player protection.

He also states that since the release of Splatoon 2, the player protection on the first game has been completely removed. Which means that the game is completely overrun by cheaters and hackers, taking out the fun for anyone who was still playing that game casually. He says that this forced him to be the vigilante of justice that the world needed. He wanted to send a message to Nintendo and thus decided to do it this way. According to his post on Reddit, Nintendo is free to ban his console at any given moment as the company should enforce stricter rules in order to protect the players.

While the message is quite funny and certainly does get a point across, I doubt anything will change on Nintendo’s part. Nintendo has been quite lacking in player protection for a really long time now so I doubt that is going to change any time soon. A game would have to get seriously ruined by hackers before Nintendo steps in like we saw when hackers started uploading porn to Super Mario Odyssey. However, let’s hope that the Please Add Anti Cheat message reached Nintendo and they’re going to change it up.

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