Far Cry 5 DLC ‘Lost On Mars’ Release Date Announced

Far Cry 5 has beaten Elon Musk to Mars with the new Lost on Mars expansion. The expansion was already announced a while ago but Ubisoft has now released a short teaser trailer and announced a release date of July 17. However, after watching the trailer we’re left wondering what we can actually expect from this expansion.

Honestly, the Far Cry expansions have been kind of weird so far. The original game was set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, after which the first expansion took us to Vietnam. Although unexpected, it still makes sense somewhat as the last war between the States and Vietnam has not been all that long ago. It’s not that farfetched that someone living in a fiction America would be drafted into the army for a war on Vietnam.


However, going to Mars with this new expansion clearly shows that they don’t really care about creating a believable expansion story, but would rather let the player have an enormous amount of fun. In the trailer we see the main character getting beamed up in classic sci-fi fashion, after which he is obviously stranded on Mars and needs to find a way to survive. From the small clips of gameplay that we saw I would say that it’s somewhat inspired by games like Doom and Metroid Prime as the player seems to be all alone exploring alien bases and slaughtering freaky creatures.


The Lost on Mars expansion will already release on July 17th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is part of the season pass. If you don’t have the season pass but still want to play this DLC you can buy it separately for $9.99. The next expansion for the game has also been teased already, which will be called Dead Living Zombies and will be released somewhere in August. As you can tell from the title, it’s going to feature a zombie apocalypse. It’s honestly not as absurd as going to Mars but still a big departure from the original game.

Despite the weirdness of the expansions, I think it’s a great way to add new content to the game. Whether you play them or not is completely optional since you won’t be missing any important aspects of the story, like we see with some other DLCs. Furthermore, going to Mars actually sounds like a great amount of fun. I for one would like more game developers to try making some weird and wonderful expansions like the ones we see for Far Cry 5.


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