Bioware Releases 20 Minutes Of Anthem Gameplay Footage

Bioware developers have dropped an enormous chunk of 20-minute gameplay for Anthem. Although we were shown a little bit of footage at the latest E3, this entire mission of gameplay is really what we needed in order to see how the game is actually turning out to be.

The gameplay features a stronghold mission, which is a type of raid in this game. The stronghold mission focuses on an assault on an enemy base. In the gameplay footage, they are doing the assault with a 4-man squad although you can also play completely by yourself according to Ben Irving, a Bioware developer that is narrating the gameplay footage. You will also be able to add party members while your raid is already in progress, and you can partner up with players of any level. In the footage, we see a level 1 player team up with a level 30 player. This is a relief for players that might not be able to play much but still want to play with their no-life friends.


Stronghold Missions are according to the developer very long missions. The gameplay footage we see is already 20 minutes long, but they even cut a piece out in order to reduce the time of the video. Throughout the 20 minutes of gameplay, we see a whole lot of flying and maneuvering while the players make their way to the action. While flying through those wonderous biomes certainly looks amazing, it’s the action that we’re more interested in. Luckily, through various points in the mission, we see them engaging with enemies. Simple enemies don’t really seem to pose a threat for any player involved but the real kicker comes at the end of the video in the form of boss battle with a monstrous arachnid creature.


The developer also explains some other features that are in the game, such as dynamic events. Basically, these are events that can occur during your raid to shake things up and keep you on your toes. In the gameplay, we see that the players come across a huge titan, which is supposedly a dynamic event. They opt to leave the titan alone as they’re not the right level to take him on. The developer also explains that players will be able to create their own clans. He doesn’t go into much further detail but it’s probably similar to most guild systems.

The gameplay footage certainly gives us a better look as to what to expect from Anthem. The game is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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