LoL Guide: How To Counter Twisted Fate In Ranked Solo Queue

How To Counter Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is a mage with an efficient crowd control ability, good map control capability and can support his teammates very well. Let’s not forget that in Season 3 of League of Legends, apart from Kassadin, Twisted Fate was either picked or banned in 100% matches in tournaments back then. No one can really doubt the Card Master’s power, especially the ones that faced off against him. But Twisted Face is not an uncounterable champion and this article will show you how to counter him efficiently.

I. Twisted Fate’s overview

1. Pros

  • Can quickly clear minions wave with the combination of  Wild Cards (Q) and  Pick A Card (W). Wild Cards has a super long range of 10000 units
  • Can stun/slow enemy units
  • Can support his team from afar with his R – Destiny. With Destiny activated, Twisted Fate also become quite unpredictable being able to teleport up to 5500 units away in 1.5 seconds
  • Can take on various roles in ranked solo queue

2. Cons

  • Not high enough damage in late game
  • Can be easily countered by  Quicksilver Sash or summoner spell  Cleanse
  • Need to team work with other champions

II. How to counter Twisted Fate

1. Twisted Fate’s counter champions

Twisted Fate’s abilities allow him to farm and push at a distance. You even can’t see where he really is. Dealing with this and a jungler from his side can be very tough. A player that knows how to use Twisted Fate well or has Champion Mastery Level 7 on him can both dominate the lane and harass other lanes with his ultimate when it’s available. So the best solution here is that you use a champion that is really good at laning or an assassin to track him down, don’t let him do everything he wants to or read his moves to react quickly (like moving to assist the other lane or push harder while Twisted Face is not there in the lane).

Recommended summoner spells:  Ignite +  Flash

Fizz is the number one counter of Twisted Fate in mid lane. Fizz’s abilities allow him to stand up against Twisted Fate in an 1v1 scenario very well. Fizz’s  E – Playful/Trickster can be used to dodge Twisted Fate’s W easily. It’s not so comfortable for Fizz when he’s not at Level 3 yet but once all Q, W, E are available, Fizz can fight Twisted Fate fair and square. Some skillful players may fake Twisted Fate’s Q to trick you into using Fizz’s E and then unload a lot of damage on you (so be careful with this dirty trick xD).

Upon reaching Level 6, Fizz may have up to 80% chance to win against Twisted Fate in any 1v1 fight (it doesn’t matter if he has Exhaust/Barrier) as long as you use your abilities right. Towards mid/late game, you may want to get a  Zhonya’s Hourglass to use Playful/Trickster not only to counter Twisted Fate but also to attack another target.

Recommended summoner spells: Ignite +  Flash

Assassins will always be a mage’s nightmare. In terms of abilities, Zed seems to have to upper hand. With a ranged ability like  Razor Shuriken, Zed can attack Twisted Fate right from Level 1 to give him a hard time. Zed is at an advantage when all Q, W and E have come online which are more than enough to take away a huge amount of Twisted Fate’s health.

Zed does not really need Cleanse as a summoner spell as he can completely dominate Twisted Fate from Level 6. Twisted Fate’s ultimate is a movement ability while Zed’s is burst damage type and can also be used to dodge Twisted Fate’s W – the only crowd control ability he has. Besides, remember that:

  • Twisted Fate would need a jungler to help him to use his ultimate the way he wants to.
  • It’s logical for Twisted Fate to get early defensive items in order to have a chance to stand against Zed. This lowers his potential damage output and gives Zed huge advantage when he gets to fight Twisted Fate alone. Make use of Sweeping Lens to hunt for Twisted Fate and quickly finish him in easy 1v1 fights with Zed.

Recommended summoner spells: Cleanse +  Flash

With her abilities, Syndra is capable of disabling single target or multiple targets, fast pushing and dealing a lot of damage on a single target (her ultimate). This sounds superior to Twisted Fate’s playstyle and this should be true if you can use Syndra well. Using Cleanse well to keep Syndra safe from effects of Twisted Fate’s abilities and then it’s possible for Syndra counter attack, deal a lot of damage on him. At Level 6, place wards where Twisted Fate would likely use his ultimate. What if he just sticks to the lane? One precise combo and Syndra can finish him off.

2. Counter Twisted Fate in gameplay

  • Put wards at the river’s pathways where Twisted Face is able to use his ultimate (within range)
  • Stay close as a team by communicating well
  • Mind the timing and use Quicksilver Sash or summoner spell Cleanse timely


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