LoL Patch 8.13: Top 5 New Playstyles – Grasp Of The Undying Twisted Fate And More

League of Legends’ metagame has not been shaped since patch 8.13’s release. League players are still trying to find the most suitable lanes for the champions by using their creativity, keep experimenting new playstyles to bring the most out of the champions.

Some experiments failed while some showed huge potential that they could become meta or at least should be taken into account by all League of Legends players. Below are 5 of those promising playstyles for you to try:

1. Grasp Of The Undying Twisted Fate

It’s real! Grasp Of The Undying Twisted Fate is a thing now in League of Legends, indeed!

Grasp Of The Undying Twisted Fate

With Grasp Of The Undying rune, Twisted Fate is more durable than ever with the bonuses that are convenient for him to maintain his health by stealing enemy’s HP with his basic attacks. Other runes of Resolve path are more than enough for Twisted Fate to stay in lane with no fear.


As Twisted Fate is better as a champion who helps his team with crowd control abilities to tone down the danger of enemy core champions, his durability and survivability should be your top concern.

2. Jhin Hail Of Blades

After patch 8.6’s Guinsoo’s Rageblade, players witness a new way to boost Jhin’s damage dramatically in patch 8.13, and that’s Hail Of Blades rune of Domination path.

Jhin Hail Of Blades

The combination of the reworked Hail Of Blades and Jhin’s passive Whisper puts him at an advantage in terms of damage in early game, thanks to the increased attack speed and bonus physical damage. The very high amount of damage Jhin can deal now should scare off his enemies easily.

3. Lethality Xayah

You are bored of playing as a marksman? Try play Xayah with full lethality.

Lethality Xayah

Having enough bonus damage/lethality with items in early game, Xayah should be more reliable to deal with enemy champions, especially in laning phase. These items are more affordable than items you have to get for Xayah following common builds.


Now that Xayah’s only remaining weak point is her attack speed which is quite low. But don’t you worry much about it as Lethal Tempo rune of Precision path can deal with this effectively – increase Xayah’s attack speed when needed.

4. Aftershock Kennen

Here comes the Aftershock Pikachu!!

Aftershock Kennen

Kennen is already so famous when it comes to crowd control as he can constanly stun his enemy. Kennen was very popular last season but now … not so much.

That being said, Kennen is not weakened, it’s just that we don’t know how to use him effectively with the changes made yet. Recently, Kennen is seen more often in ranked matches with Aftershock rune. This is easy to understand as Aftershock grants Kennen a lot of bonus Armor, Magic Resist whenever Kennen immobilizes an enemy. As Kennen players tend to use him as a “suicide bomb”, kind of, with his  Slicing Maelstrom, Aftershock is more than necessary for him to survive in big battles.

5. Hail Of Blades Bard

Bard is a support champion that everyone should not take for granted for his high damage output.

Hail Of Blades Bard

Traveler’s Call – Bard’s passive aids his attacks effectively with bonus magic damage and slow effect and it matches perfectly with Hail Of Blades rune in this case. The bonus attack speed from Hail Of Blades can really turn him into a monster in team fights.

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