Nintendo Confirms To Investors It Has More Games To Reveal In 2018

Nintendo has confirmed at their general meeting of shareholders, that they have more games to reveal later this year. Former Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, who was holding the meeting as president for the last time, stated that they will reveal a powerful lineup later this year which will do well in the holiday season.

Former President Kimishima

It is undeniable that Nintendo’s E3 conference was rather weak. The highlight of the conference was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which took up an entire 20 minutes of the presentation just to show off all the characters. According to Dualshockers’ translation (original transcripts), this presentation left many shareholders unsure about the future of Nintendo and caused a sharp decline in the stock value of the company. In order to combat this insecurity, Kimishima has actually revealed the full lineup of games that will be released at the end of the year. The list of games has not been disclosed in the transcript for obvious reasons, but it’s stated to be a powerful lineup.

Another point of concern during the meeting was whether Nintendo would be able to ship the expected number of Switch units or not. They have predicted to be able to ship at least 20 million units this fiscal year (April 2018 to May 2019) and said that they have enough production capacity but that acquiring certain parts of the Switch is the troubling part. They are currently undergoing many negotiations to ensure that they will have all the parts on time.

SEO Susumu Tanaka added to that that last year they indeed ran into trouble with producing certain components, such as the memory. However, he states that now that the Switch has gained a lot of momentum in the market, it will be easier for Nintendo to negotiate with manufacturers in order to assure that all the components arrive and will be of proper quality. Tanaka says that despite some difficulties that might present itself, they still expect to produce 20 million units this year without any issues.

It’s clear that Nintendo has some more surprises for us in store. It’s clear that Nintendo is holding their cards close to their chest, although this actually might have hurt their stock price. Nevertheless, we are eagerly waiting to see what Nintendo has lined-up for us later this year.

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