Barack Obama As ‘Dirty Barry’ In New New Shaq Fu 2 DLC

Barack Fu

In 1994, EA published a ridiculous 2D fighting game called “Shaq Fu” on the SNES and Sega Genesis. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a fighting game that features Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal in an adventure taking him from Japan to another dimension where he must save a young boy from an ancient evil mummy. It was one of the most absurd games to have ever been released, and yet, iconic enough that a sequel that sought funding on Indiegogo in 2014 managed to reach it’s goal of $450,000 USD! Shaq Fu 2 released last month on Steam, judging by its “mostly positive” reviews, the game seems to be pretty decent. Being no stranger to crazy video game plots, their developer Big Deez Productions, has just released new ‘Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry” DLC for the game that features a chain-smoking, gun-toting, Barack Obama in an old-school 2D beat-em up game. Check out the wacky trailer below.

“Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry” looks like a blend between classic beat-em up games Final Fight and Streets of Rage with 70’s icon Shaft. The game has Obama fighting parodies of other famous politicians and celebrities such as Marine Le Pen and Kanye West. It’s definitely one of the weirdest meshes of ideas in a single title, but considering the game that it’s a DLC for, its silliness shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Owners of the physical copy of the game for Switch, Xbox One, or the PS4 can download the addon for free right now. The DLC will be available digitally sometime in the near future.

For those interested in seeing a bit more of this wacky video game, GameXplain has a video showcasing the first 30 minutes of game play which you can see below.


Featured Image Credits: Gameinformer

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