Fortnite Solo Kills Record Set By Missle Event Griefer

Fortnite Missile Event

Fornite’s missile event attracted a massive number of players to queue up and get into games so that they could be there to watch the first ever one-time event. Throughout the night, a record level unofficial cease-fire occurred so that players could instead focus on the action happening in the skies. However, as with most things in life, there are always a few exceptions and not everyone was interested in what was going on up in the air.


One person in particular, ended up making a big name for himself during the event as he managed to secure a new solo kill record of 48 kills. The player, Elemental_Ray, happened to be in a match where everyone decided to join forces to build up an enormous ramp to get a better look at the missile launch. Upon successful completion of the ramp, people started busting out dance moves and celebrating a job well done. That’s when Elemental_Ray decided to strike. Check out the video below.


Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw was Elemental_Ray, a player with a 0.47 K/D and 0 solo wins becoming the new Fortnite record holder for most solo kills.

While a lot of the response on social media to this has been negative, some others find it to be rather humorous. Griefers who pull of legendary stunts like this have always appealed to a certain audience. NoahJ456’s Twitter account exploded with comments when he posted the video and there are definitely a lot of people on both sides of the opinion poll.

What do you guys think? Too troll or too hilarious? Let us know in the comments section below.


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