Dark Souls Mod Lets You Play As Any Boss In The Game

Dark Souls is one of the hardest games of recent times, with bosses constantly tearing you apart unless you learn their specific behaviors and tells. The game is quite unfair, to say the least. However, the tables have turned with the newest and greatest Dark Souls mod ever made. With the new Age of Fire mod, you can play as any boss you like and go to town on anything that pissed you off in the game.


The Age of Fire mod is from the same team, Datehacks, that brought you the boss arena mod about three years ago. Back then the mod allowed you to play as one the game’s bosses but you were just placed inside an arena where you slaughtered waves of helpless NPCs. Although it was fun, it was only so for a limited amount of time. However, the team has been working hard to improve the mod and now you can play as any enemy or boss anywhere in the game.

In the mod, you select the boss or enemy that you want to play as and then select the map that you want to play on. The creators have said that seamless travel is unfortunately not possible due to engine limitations. However, every map in the game is possible to finish with any boss. This means that you can even take huge bosses, like the Gaping Dragon, through really small corridors. The team said this works through camera tricks they implemented. It will probably look ridiculous but that’s part of the fun.


The team has already uploaded multiple videos in which they show off some gameplay. They have one where they are playing as the Sanctuary Guardian, one as Artrotias and one as Gwyn. The videos are quite long but you can just watch for a little while to get an impression of the mod.

The mod will only work with the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition, not with the newly remastered version. The mod will not be playable in multiplayer either. The team said that we can expect a demo of the mod shortly.

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