DONTNOD’s Graphic Adventure ‘Life Is Strange 2’ Gets A Release Date

DONTNOD’s Narrative Adventure ‘Life Is Strange 2’ Gets A Release Date

Developer DONTNOD and Square Enix have announced the release date for Episode 1 of the upcoming teenage existential graphic adventure Life Is Strange 2 as September 27th of this year. As with the first game in the series, Life Is Strange 2 will be divided into five different episodes and will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The news surfaced on the official Life Is Strange Twitter account via the following tweet.

Pre-orders go live this Monday June 26th in conjunction with the release of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a free spin-off chronicling the superhero antics of 10-year-old Chris. Endless makebelieve days with jaunts on alien planets and treasure chests are set to flesh out the game along with the usual choice-based narrative arc. Set 3 year after the events of Life Is Strange, the decisions made are set to impact on the narrative in Life Is Strange 2, though in what capacity remains a mystery.

Details regarding Life Is Strange 2 are pretty scarce though DONTNOD have promised further information in August. A quick look at the calendar makes Gamescon a prime target for a bit more insight into what the sequel is all about. The release news was accompanied by a short trailer where the game’s logo is sewn into a scuffed rucksack.

If you’ve yet to play the original, it’s currently heavily discounted in the Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale. The game is a heartfelt adventure of teenage woe and a girl’s struggle to protect her home town from an impending storm. The emphasis on choices and their consequences as well as the ability to rewind time for short periods of time form the central game play loop. Marrying supernatural elements with the mundane, yet formative concerns of an adolescent girl, Life Is Strange is bizarrely compelling and leaves players with a burdensome nostalgia that feels both comforting and familiar.

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