Blizzard Releases Mysterious Overwatch Teaser

Yesterday, Blizzard released a mysterious 6-second Overwatch teaser on the game’s official Twitter page. The video, released with the caption “Calm before the storm,” barely has any activity in it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out below.

Mysterious indeed. The only sound I’m able to make out is that of the wind or some kind of machine running. As for movement, the only thing that seems to be moving is a bit of steam coming out from a pipe or a vent. The background itself looks like it’s taking place in King’s Row. There’s a Lucio poster and a monkey leaping over some graffiti stating “No Bots.” That’s pretty much all there is.


Since so little is revealed in the teaser, fans have been pouring over every detail they can in an attempt to extract some hint as to what the video is for. So far, there’s been a ton of fan theories with the biggest ones being related to the release of a new hero. Some say the monkey is Hammond

, one of Winston’s fellow test subjects who escaped from his cage and possibly made it to Earth. Others believe that the possibility of it being Hammond is too obvious and it’s merely a ruse to hide something less noticeable.

One popular Reddit thread by Docfoxx77 states that the teaser is most likely giving a hint towards the release of the Queen of Junkertown. Considering that we’ve already seen some artwork showing what she might look like as well as the fact that she already has a voice actress, it isn’t too unlikely of a possibility that she could be hero 28.

Junker Queen Overwatch
Junkertown Queen. Image Source: Dotesports

I’m betting that Docfoxx77 is right and that the Junkertown Queen is actually being teased in the video. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long to find out who’s right.


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