The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Gets June 25 Release Date

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit has received a June 25 release date in the US and Europe and a June 26 release date in Australia. The game was announced at E3 last week but was overlooked compared to the big triple-A titles that were announced. The game is set in the same universe as the Life is Strange games but is a spinoff rather than a direct sequel, the best new though it is completely free.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit feature young child Chris who creates an alter-ego as an escape from his alcoholic father. This alter-ego is Captain Spirit who is a superhero that lives in a world filled with fantastical creatures. Once entering his fantasy the world around him changes. Ordinary items transform into monsters or creatures and give birth to a beautiful fantasy world.

While transformed as Captain Spirit, Chris will have telekinetic powers that you will use in quick-time battles to progress through the game. It’s unsure whether he actually has telekinetic powers or if they are part of his superhero fantasy. In the original Life is Strange game, Max had the power to rewind time which was your primary way of fixing problems and progressing through the story. It was also a major plot element.  This means that superpowers are definitely not off the board in this world and could mean that Chris’ powers are real.


The game is set in the same universe as Life is Strange and there will be a clear connection between the game. You do not have to play the first Life is Strange game in order to enjoy and experience The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. However, the spinoff will have an impact on Life is Strange 2 and can thus be seen as your first few steps in the anticipated sequel.

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