Faker Has Stopped Scrimming With SKT

During the SKT vs MVP game in the LCK yesterday something very important was missing, and that was Faker. Surprising fans around the world, SKT had decided that they would not field Faker as their starting player. Although most people suspected it would just be a temporary swap, MVP’s ADD has said in an interview that Faker has stopped scrimming with SKT altogether.

Faker has been playing with SKT since the start of his career. The thought of him leaving SKT to join another team is something that would have been completely out of the question last year. However, this year it seems more and more likely that he might leave and try to find success somewhere else. Although the team was still extremely strong last year, they have been steadily declining since losing in the Worlds 2017 finals. At the moment the team is a middle of the pack team and are not expected to make it to playoffs at all this year.


Although it’s not surprising that the team is trying to change it up, subbing out your star player is a whole different story. The player that replaced Faker, Pirean doesn’t have the best track record in the world. He played with a few teams in the NA LCS but never finished in a high position. He was also a sub for the entirety of 2018 which has probably not helped him improve his skills. Replacing Faker with Pirean obviously didn’t net SKT the win that they so desperately needed.

Going forward, the future of Faker is relatively uncertain. Never before were there any doubts he would move teams, but now that exact thing might happen. It could also be that he is taking a break from competitive play in its entirety. Despite being the best player in the world for the longest time, he was always the first to criticize himself. Not being at the top of his game could be a detriment to his mental health which might be why he is absent now. We hope to get more clarification from SKT or Faker in the future but until than we will just have to wait.

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