Arena Of Valor Ranked Season 6: Heroes To Climb Rank With

Season 6 of Arena of Valor has kicked off for a while and everyone is still busy climbing rank for the rewards.

But the question is that which are the best heroes to clink rank with this season?

We have the answer for you in this article. Let’s check it out.


Arena of Valor Nakroth

Nakroth is the best hero for this ranked season. Although he’s not either exceptional or new to the game, he’s very efficient in ranked matches.

Nakroth has very high mobility and is great in 1v1 fights. Though he’s not a ranged hero, Nakroth can push lanes all by himself.


In this season, almost everyone, not only high-ranked players but also, prefer playing Nakroth.

In Silver, Gold rank tiers, it’s easy to use Nakroth to steal enemy jungle camps and give your team advantage.

Nakroth is capable of outfarming enemy heroes thanks to his high attack speed.

His targets will have hard time put up a fight against him if he has enough space.


Arena of Valor Violet

If you don’t reach Diamond rank yet, Violet is such a good hero to pick.

Violet is often seen in matches as a jungler.

Having high critical damages and the ability to effectively dealing damage to enemy towers, Violet is an ‘annoying’ hero in early game.

Towards late game, with good item building and strategy, you can put Violet’s capabilities into very good use.

Violet can’t go solo push as she’s weak against heroes like Nakroth or Omen who are good in 1v1 fights, but with a good support hero by her side, she should be good.



Arena of Valor TeeMee

TeeMee is another good choice to climb rank with as he’s a good support hero with good damage output and the ability to revive his teammate. TeeMee should also be a good companion to marksmen. TeeMee’s Being A Bro can protect his teammate very well in the time of need. Win rate of TeeMee in ranked matches is 58.9%, an impressive number for a support hero. TeeMee is also cheap and costs 18888 Gold. What a good bargain.


Arena of Valor Valhein

Valhein, a marksman, should be the easiest hero to climb rank with in this list. The pick rate of Valhein is quite high as he’s a free hero and he’s also a beginner friendly hero.

There are various different item builds for Valhein, from tanky build to magical damage or physical damage. His abilities deal magical damage.

Valhein is a effective counter against heroes with high mobility like Nakroth or Superman and could be a team-carrier in many cases.

Having very high usability, Valhein is often called “6min gg god”.

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