Top 5 Strongest Heroes Of Arena Of Valor

These 5 heroes of Arena of Valor, dubbed as the strongest five, are the ones that never stay out of meta. Season in, season out, they are here to stay, are still favored by Arena of Valor players. Let’s see who they are.

1st – Maloch

Arena Of Valor Maloch

The first to name is none other than Maloch. Maloch is well known for being a good tanker with strong magic damage output. 5 seasons have passed and Maloch is still as strong as ever.

Maloch is exceptional in laning phase, clearing minions or initiating combats. Also, it might be the safest way to use Maloch to protect your team’s marksman.

So it’s not strange for us to see Maloch very often in tournaments. Giving Maloch spaces and he will give you hell.

Offensive or defensive, Maloch is always on top of the list of heroes you should consider picking.


2nd – Lauriel

Arena of Valor Lauriel

Among the five, Lauriel (Mage) is the one that deals the highest damage. Lauriel looks inferior to Maloch among Arena of Valor players as it’s a bit hard to control this hero well.

But mastering Lauriel is sure rewarding, the hero can stand against even all 5 enemy heroes if bearing blue buff on her.

Right from early game, from Level 2 on, Lauriel can go around picking fights with enemy team.

Precise skill shots grants Lauriel healing power while causing her enemy a lot of trouble.

But it’s not just in early game Lauriel’s enemy has to worry about her, she’s also very strong in late game.

Without good crowd control abilities, there’s a high possibility that opponents of Lauriel would bite the dust fighting against her.

Having short cooldown time of abilities is also Lauriel’s big plus point, making her more favorable.

The picking rate of this hero is extremely high in international tournaments, 80%.

3rd – Ryoma

Arena of Valor Ryoma

Ryoma is strong for his swift combos that deal very high physical damage.

As a Gem Shop hero initially, not many people chose to own and play Ryoma then. But Ryoma did become more popular when he’s released in Gold Shop.


Being focused by Ryoma is not an easy thing to deal with and heroes with low HP pool should be afraid of Ryoma’s high damage output.

Ryoma often goes solo in laning phase in ranked matches.

Ryoma can be used to climb rank easily if you have mastered the hero. Like Joker, Ryoma is a good assassin to hunt down low HP heroes.

4th – Murad

Arena of Valor Murad

Number 4 of the list, Murad, is a true team-carrier. Despite being nerfed in previous seasons, Murad is still outstanding among all heroes.

In late game, Murad is one of Maloch/Lauriel’s arch enemy.

Murad is great at dodging skills and attacks. Though Murad’s HP pool is low, it’s hard to kill him due to his two “escaping” abilities.

And be careful when he uses those tricks to dodge your attacks as he will then come back and deal a lot of damage.

Murad is a fit for various different lineups. He tends to go along with other heroes better than other junglers do.

5th – Nakroth

Arena of Valor Nakroth

Nakroth is the last name in this list. This hero’s item building changes every season.

There are new item builds for Nakroth once in a while which make him scarier every time. He is one of the best heroes for Challenger rank.

Thanks to his high mobility, Nakroth’s very good in team fights or even in sneaky plays where he tears down enemy towers then retreats without them knowing it. This maybe Nakroth’s trump card to win the game for his team.

The reason why Nakroth is so much favored by Arena of Valor players is mainly his mobility which allows him to manipulate team fights easily, join in, deal damage then retreat. It’s even easier if there are not enough of all 5 enemy heroes.

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