Rules Of Survival PC: Basic, Advanced Controls And Pinging

Mastering game controls is a vital part in playing any game, especially in a fast-paced game battle royale game like Rules of Survival.

Let’s see how you can up your game by getting to know all of the game’s basic controls with this article.

Rules of Survival – Basic controls



QLean left
ELean right
CtrlOn/off cursor, Walk
+Auto Run
AltLook Around
1,2Primary weapons
3Melee weapon
4Secondary weapon
7Use First Aid Kit
8Use Dressings
9Use Bandage
0Sports Drink
GNext weapon
BChange the primary weapon’s firing mode
EOpen/Close door
FOpen/Close door, Pick Up, Revive, Get in/Get out of vehicles
Ctrl+FGet in a vehicle and take the rear seat
Ctrl+TOn/off voice chat
TOn/off micro
VItems picking menu

Rules of Survival – Advanced controls

Change the Open/Close door key

F key is the default key for many actions in-game, F to jump off plane, open/close door, hop on/hop off vehicles, revive teammate.

This may lead to the case where you want to pick up an item right next to a vehicle, or a door, but end up entering the vehicle, or opening the door instead.


Repeat the action would not help as your character keeps interacting with the other objects.

There are some ways to get around this. For example, after opening the door, you move to another position and carefully reach for the item.

But it’s still quite annoying, isn’t it?

Luckliy you can permanently fix this by resetting the opening door action to another key.

Rules of survival basic control

Go to Settings -> PC -> Set another key for the Open/Close door action

Refuel your vehicle

You are enjoying your drive but then the car runs out of gas suddenly.

You remember picking a gas tank earlier and haven’t found a use for it yet. It’s time.

rules of survival vehicles

Press Tab to bring up Inventory menu -> See your character’s items -> Hover to the gas tank to start refueling your vehicle.


There’s no better way to get someone’s attention, if needed, while driving than honking and you can do the same in Rules of Survival.

Bring up the cursor (Ctrl, Tab or M) and click on the horn icon.


Change to another seat of a vehicle

There are some vehicles in Rules of Survival that come with guns (rear seats).

So when you want to use the guns you have to change from the driver’s seat to other seats, this can be done by pressing Ctrl + (2, 3, 4, 5), 2-5 is the seats’ number.

(From seat #2)

(To seat #4)

Pinging in Rules of Survival

You want to give your teammate a sign that you already have the item while looting, or for him to know there’s an enemy nearby?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Let your character face the direction you want and bring up the cursor (Tab, Ctrl, M)

Step 2: Press Enter to bring up the chat bar

Step 3: Hover cursor over the chat bar to select the command/quick chat/ping you want

(Ping: Valuable item spotted, Ammo needed)

(Ping: Backup needed, this also reveals your location to your teammate)

(Ping: Attack)

(Ping: Danger warning, enemy ahead)

Some of the advanced controls of Rules of Survival require you to stand still in a while and this may make you an easy target for enemy.

Hope that knowing all of these things help you enjoy Rules of Survival more and win more #1.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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