YouTuber Discovers PS4’s Spider-Man’s Map Size

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Spiderman has been one of the biggest hits at E3 this year. A demo was playable this year at E3 and left a lot of people impressed with the web swinging, combat, and liveliness of the game. One thing that was still out in the open though, was how big the map would actually be. One YouTuber by the name of Caboose decided to do some digging by himself when playing the demo at E3.

In a video uploaded to YouTube

, he explained that while playing the demo he wanted to find out if he could spot the Avengers tower. The tower was confirmed to be in the game and luckily enough, he managed to spot it. He climbed to the highest vantage point he could find and got a great shot of the tower. He stated that he would not be able to reach the tower as the playable demo only took part in a small part of the map and the rest was closed off. Although his main objective was to spot the Avengers tower, his image also gave us a great view of the entire map, and it’s huge.

During his video, he also pulled up footage from another YouTuber which gives a more in-depth view of the map size with footage that is most likely of the navigational map that you can use in-game. In the footage, we see that the main island is probably the only playable part of the game and that parts connected to bridges won’t be accessible. However, don’t be sad cause “just” the main island is already enormous. In the E3 demo, it was already demonstrated how many varying activities you could do within the city and this was only in the limited playable space provided for the demo. If the amount and variety of content stays the same throughout the map you will be playing the game forever.


Another great aspect that comes from the video is the confirmation that the game will take place in the Avengers universe. Although this was already technically confirmed when the developers stated that the Avengers tower would be in the game, seeing it for real definitely gives it some extra Avengers feeling. Hopefully, we will be able to discover some awesome Avengers easter eggs when the game hits the stores on September 7th.


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