How To Create An Account And Play PUBG On Steam

The growth of PUBG does not seem to slow down any time soon.

There are more and more people want to give the game a try but there are so few detailed guides on how to get started.

So now with this guide, you’ll know every step to get your hands on PUBG, from creating a Steam account to buying and playing PUBG on Steam.

1. Create a Steam account

Steam is the platform for you to buy, download and play PUBG on. Before creating an account on Steam, please have in mind that:

Steam is free, only the game itself costs you money to begin with, so avoid buying Steam accounts without PUBG

if that’s what you really want

There are a lot of free games on Steam but most games listed on Steam come with a price tag and PUBG is one of them so accept the fact that you have to spend money to actually play it

Email is required to register and protect a Steam account so if the account you are interested in buying does not have an email attached with it, ignore it

To get started, visit to create your own Steam account

How To Create An Account And Play PUBG On Steam

Click on Join Steam to proceed to fill in required information: Account name, Password, Email address, … to create the account. Email account verification is also needed. Click Create My Account to finish the process.

How To Play PUBG On  Steam


2. Download & install Steam

Go to to download Steam client via the Install Steam Now button. Use the installation file SteamSetup to start installing the platform.

If you don’t need to customize anything, such as installation path, just choose Next, Next and Next until it’s done.

Steam’s default language is English but you may choose your preferred one from the long list of available languages: French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese etc.

You may change the default drive and path to another place you want.

Don’t worry about the capacity of the drive you install Steam on as you may choose to install your games on Steam Library directory created on any other drive.

Finally, log in to Steam and get ready for PUBG.

3. Buy PUBG & start playing

There are two ways to buy PUBG. You may either choose to buy it directly on Steam Store or via Steam games retailers like GreenManGaming, Kinguin, CDKeys.

The original price of PUBG is $29.99. You may want to check out the abovementioned game retailers as they have discounts for games, especially a hot game like PUBG, more often than Steam does.

If you buy PUBG via a third party site, you’ll be given a digital key to activate on Steam. Once the game is in you Steam Library, install it and … you know the rest.

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