How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC Without Any Android Simulator

After the successful launch of PUBG Mobile on both Android and iOS, the game now comes to PC due to high he high demand from the mobile players themselves.

Some just want to play the game using keyboards and mouses, some have to find a way to play PUBG Mobile

on PC when their devices couldn’t handle the game.

They had to use Android simulators like Bluestacks, Nox, Memu at first but then Tencent – the publisher of PUBG Mobile realized that it could also be their chance and quickly rolled out their own PC client for PUBG Mobile.

Let’s find out how we play PUBG Mobile on PC using this client from Tencent.

Firstly, download the official PUBG

PC client of Tencent via this link (Chinese version) or this link (English version).

How to play PUBG mobile on PC

 PUBG mobile Android simulator

Click the highlighted button to download and proceed to install the client

pubg mobile tencent

This process would take several minutes to complete

Open up the client and use the keyword “PUBG” to search for the game

Select and download the preferred version of PUBG Mobile here, Tencent offers 2 versions: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Army Attack

Click here to start playing

Here’s the in-game screenshots of PUBG Mobile on PC

Playing PUBG Mobile on PC legitimately feels not so much different from playing the original PUBG.

Plus, if you want to download PUBG Mobile on Android or iOS, please refer to this guide.

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