FFBE E3 Square Enix 2018 Reveals Huge Updates


My fellow Final Fantasy Brave Exvius fans, Square Enix has just revealed a huge assortment of updates that we can expect in the next month and it’s shockingly impressive. Here’s what it’s in store for us:

1. Just Cause 3 Collab Coming June 22.

This collab is just as random as the Ariana Grande collabs the game has seen so far. They have nothing whatsoever to do with JRPGs… hopefully the event rewards are good?

FFBE Just Cause 3 Collab
Image Credits: u/Howl
FFBE Just Cause 3 Collab
Image Credits: u/Howl

2. Special Summon Tickets Per Lapis Spent

For every 5000 lapis you’ve ever spent in the game, using free lapis or paid lapis, you’ll get 1 summon ticket. For every 50,000 lapis spent, you’ll get one 4-star ticket! The total lapis is counted from the start of your account until the June 27th maintenance.


3. Global Exclusive Event Voting Campaign

Global players will get the opportunity to vote to have one of four different events added into the game:

a. A special version of the Enchanted Maze featuring trust moogles.

b. Daily free summon for a month with an increased rainbow rate of 5%.

c. Chance of getting 5x more exp when fusing + Cactuar Dunes unlocked.

d. 1,000 lapis added to the weekly expedition reward.

FFBE Anniversary Ticket Rewards

This one is amazing. The obvious best choice in terms of value is option B here. A daily free summon for a month = 250 lapis x 30 = a value of 7500 lapis not including the additional value of a 5% rainbow rate. It’s a no brainer guys, go option B!


4. Special Anniversary Log-in Rewards

We’ll be getting a ton of great ticket summons starting June 15th.

a. 10+1 ticket with the +1 being a guaranteed rainbow.

b. 5-star EX ticket

c. 10+1 ticket where each unit is at least a 4-star base.

d. Fan Festa special units as rewards: Artisan Lid, Cowboy Jake, Swordsman Lasswell, Cheerleader Fina, and Maiden Sakura.

FFBE Fan Festa Units
Fan Festa unit sprites.

5. Item World

Item World is an event where players can upgrade the stats of different weapons. When this event came to the Japanese version of FFBE the first time, players were able to upgrade daggers with +100% LB fill rate, swords with +15% HP/ATK, whips with 15% MAG/MP, and rods with Dual Cast Black Magic.

Item World FFBE

6. Misc. Bonuses

The usual bonuses we get during special events:

a. Half energy campaign

b. Amazing enhancement rate up

c. Enchanted maze

d. Free daily summon.

So many awesome rewards are coming within the next month or so. If you aren’t already playing FFBE and are thinking about maybe giving it a try, when these rewards begin would be the best time to join. You’re bound to get a strong team from all the freebies we’re getting that will be strong enough to carry you for a long time! For units worth rerolling for, check out my Best Team Comp guide.

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