FEH Best F2P Strategy For New Players To Beat GHB Maps

If you’re just starting to play “Fire Emblem Heroes,” you want to be trying to earn as many orbs as possible so you can have the resources to build together a solid team. Beating the different Grand Hero Battles is one good source of free orbs. As a new player however, you might find yourself struggling against the toughest difficulty of each map – the infernal difficulty. There are a lot of great strategies on YouTube for clearing these maps that make use of relatively easy to obtain units. By “relatively easy” they are usually referring to non-5 star base units. When you consider that the game currently has over 150 units, it still might take time you some time to gather together the units utilized by these guides. Given this to be the case, what’s the fastest way for new players to build a team that can clear the infernal difficulties of the Grand Hero Battles? Here’s my take on it.
I recommend taking advantage of the free units: Brave Lyn + 2 Olivia. The fourth unit can be any other unit that can support Brave Lyn, though a 3rd dancer would be best. Without further ado, let’s discuss the first major component of this team: Brave Lyn.

Brave Lyn

Brave Lyn Feh
With the first “Choose Your Legend” campaign back in August 2017, players gained a free summon of either Brave Lynn, Brave Ike, Brave Lucina, or Brave Roy. This free summon continues to this day and as such, new players can continue to get one of these 5 star base units for free. If you want an easier time clearing as many challenges as possible, pick Brave Lyn. She has a phenomenal offensive stat spread and an excellent base kit. She also happens to be a ranged cavalry unit meaning she can move 3 spaces and attack enemies 2 spaces away. Essentially, on most maps she can get in range and kill all but extremely high armor enemies on turn 1.
This is all without doing any skill inheritance at all. Want to turn Brave Lyn into a real monster? Get her a Brave Bow from either Klein or Gordon. Brave Bow grants its wielder two hits upon initiating combat at the cost of a -5 SPD penalty. When you consider how high Brave Lyn’s speed already is, even with this penalty, she has a good chance of still being at least 5 SPD higher than her opponent allowing her to quad hit them.
Another useful ability for her to inherit would be something like “reposition” or “draw back” to help keep your supporting dancers out of harm’s reach. As there are several units that can provide you with these skills, it shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire one of the two.


Olivia Feh
Olivia is a dancer capable of granting any unit other than another dancer an extra move with her “dance” assist. She also happens to be easily summonable as she’s part of the daily Hero Battle Rotation. Once every 12 days her map will make an appearance under “Special Maps.” There are two difficulties, normal
and hard, each of which upon completion will net you one Olivia. Once leveled to her 3-star rarity, she can learn the aforementioned “dance” ability.
The best thing about Olivia is that she also doesn’t really require any skill inheritance. Once she hits 3 star rarity, she doesn’t even really need to be leveled up. You basically just need her to continually use “dance” on Brave Lyn while simultaneously staying out of combat at all times. Since you can’t have even one single unit KO’ed in a GHB map, you can’t afford to let either of these units get hit. Given how squishy they are, one hit is usually enough to kill them.
The fourth unit is a flex unit. As I mentioned earlier, the best case scenario is having another dancer unit. Unfortunately, all of them are 5-star base units so obtaining one is a bit difficult. Still, even without a dancer, there are still many great easily accessible units in the game that can help support your Brave Lyn. Here are some for you to consider. Ultimately which one you go with will likely depend on the specific map.


Fjorm FEH

Fjorm is free 5-star base unit that players get in Book 2. She is a relatively sturdy unit that can tank some hits for your Brave Lyn. In addition to her great tank base skills, she also has Drive Atk 2 which can grants any unit within 2 spaces +3 Atk. This stacks with other Olivia’s Hone Atk giving your Brave Lyn a possible + 7 Atk each turn. Equip your Olivia or Fjorm with a Spur Atk or another Drive Atk seal, and you’re looking at a massive +10 Atk buff.


Gunter FEH
Gunter is another free unit that you can get by completing his Hero Battle. Sporting a decent physical bulk, he can also tank a hit or two for your Brave Lyn. What makes him particularly noteworthy is his Hone Cavalry buff that he gets at 4 stars. This buff alone grants Brave Lyn a whopping +6 Atk and +6 Spd. Coupled with a Drive Atk or Spur Atk Seal, Gunter can be providing +10 Atk and +6 Spd to your star archer just by himself!

If you’re just starting out and looking to put together a team that can clear the Grand Hero Battles’ toughest difficulties, I believe this is the fastest and cheapest way to go about doing it. Brave Lyn is too strong of a unit and with the right support, can be used to cheese most content. Again, her only weakness is the fact that she can’t kill high armor units with the same ease as non-armor units. For those maps, you may just have to dance around a few more turns, but she’ll eventually get the job done.

Images courtesy of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

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