Accidental Logo Leak Hints At Probable ‘Hitman 2’ Announcement

Accidental Logo Leak Hints At Probable Hitman 2 Announcement

According to multiple clues, Hitman 2 is well into development and will be announced on Thursday this week. A swiftly removed banner logo for the game briefly made on appearance on Warner Bros Games site setting in motion the usual stream of hypothetical and unsubstantiated claims.

Accidental Logo Leak Hints At Probable Hitman 2 Announcement

Though the image was taken down, Hitman’s official twitter account posted a short clip depicting a blurred image of an undecipherable target scan, simply stating ‘Target Incoming – Access Denied // June 7th 2018’. The clip was posted with an accompanying message: ‘Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is…’ Prepping official sites in anticipation of a big reveal is normal practice, giving weight to Thursday’s reveal being about Hitman 2


Furthermore, WB Games’ twitter handle followed suit with a video of their own teasing a 72 hour countdown leading up to Thursday at 10 am PST, 7 pm BST, 1 am HKT (June 8th), and a link to a live stream of WB Games’ site

. Though the clip seems to show a racing pit stop, there’s no indication the stream will cover only one game.

Warner Bros Games signed a worldwide publishing and distribution deal with Hitman developer Io Interactive in April of this year to release Hitman: The Definitive Edition, which went on sale on May 18th. The reissue includes all of the episodes of Season 1, outfit packs, bonus episodes, and content from the GOTY version of the game.

When Io Interactive split from Square Enix last year to become an independent studio, the developer kept all the rights to the Hitman IP paving the way for the transition to a new publisher. As such, WB releasing the next Hitman game is highly likely given the agreement and recent release.

More from us as the story develops.

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