Nintendo Switch Update Simplifies Discovering New Games

Back in March, Eurogamer reported that Nintendo was in fact listening to player feedback on some of the limitations and issues encountered with the eShop. Damon Baker, their senior manager for publisher and developer relations, noted that steps would be taken to improve the functionality of the eShop, specifically with regards to game “discoverability and visibility.” With the latest update rolled out yesterday, Nintendo has made good on its word. Here are some of the changes that the eShop has received that should make finding the right game a lot easier.


1. “Featured” Section

Nintendo eShop Featured
Image Source: IGN

The eShop now has a “featured” section that will showcase the top 30 most popular new and upcoming games.

2. “Deals” has been renamed to “Great Deals”

eShop Nintendo Great deals
Image Source: IGN

At the moment, this appears to be strictly a name change. But who knows? Maybe now that the deals are “great” we get better discounts – we can dream right?

3. “Best Sellers” Section

Best Sellers Nintendo eShop
Image Source: IGN

This area now has an additional filter option at the top that allows you to sort between all games and games that are download-only.

Given the changes that this update has brought as well as the fact that Nintendo has recently been spending significant efforts to promote the eShop on social media, it seems that they’re really trying to simplify digital shopping and lead gamers into making more purchases online. It’s definitely a smart move to make as Microsoft and Sony have already been heavily profiting from their online shopping platforms and services for years now. Nintendo has a long way to go in order to catch up to them, but with updates like this, it’s clear that they’ve at least started to move in the right direction.


Featured Image Source: Gamespot


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