New Destiny 2 Update Bring Changes To Faction Rallies And Escalation

Bungie has just announced the latest update to their popular game Destiny 2, and which exciting features we can expect for the second year of the game. It’s an enormous update with a lot of information so it’s quite the beast to tackle, but overall it looks like it will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to Destiny 2. A stream is scheduled on June 5 that will provide more information on what the update will bring to the game, and is hosted by game director Steve Cotton and project lead Scott Taylor.

The first thing the news update brings is a change to faction rallies. Faction rallies have been part of the game for a while now, but are being changed to make them more significant, choosing a faction has to be meaningful to the player. First of all, a player can now only pledge to one faction during rally events, this seems extremely obvious but was previously not always the case. Reputation is now retained through various events, even if you decide to switch factions halfway through. Players will also be rewarded with unique gear that will be exclusive to the faction that they joined. Players will also gain ranks within their faction which will grant them rewards and after reaching level 30, will still be giving you legendary gear.

Dead Orbit Faction

Bungie is set to organize three faction rallies in season 3, and they will be work in more interesting ways than before. The most notable innovation they are implementing is that faction rallies now feature ‘renown’. After players have pledged to a faction they will gain renown by completing public events, patrolling and by defeating high priority targets. When you’re renown is active any faction tokens you gain in any way will be increased dramatically. You will lose you renown when you are defeated by an enemy.

Future War Cult faction

Despite renown sounding like an extremely strong buff, Bungie has countered that with some huge nerfs you will receive when you have renown. Players with renown will receive a decrease in health regeneration and weapon damage and gain an increase in damage taken. The numbers on these nerfs scale with the number of renown stacks you have. Since you will have decreased health regeneration, enemies will have a chance to drop health orbs to counteract this. When you have renown active, this will be visible to all other players and will show to which faction you have pledged.

New Monarchy faction

The other big change is to the escalation protocol. It has been a point of discussion within the community since it’s release with Warmind, and the developers have finally decided to make some changes. Bungie is reducing the power levels of wave 4 to 7, but will leave waves 1 to 3 unchanged. The reason that they are making this change is that it was primarily the difficulty of wave 4 to 7 that made escalation unappealing for groups consisting of only 3 players, as it was considered to be way too hard.  By making this change, Bungie is actively supporting players to try out the game mode with a squad consisting of only 3 players.

Despite these big change there were also a number of smaller changes and some fun tidbits that were revealed in the update.


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