6 Rarest PUBG Skins

Privyet, comrade. You have entered Gloriousz Szozialist Republik of EXP.gg. Zis is mandatory introductory propaganda course. In zisz one, we will be taking look at 6 rarest PUBG szkinsz. Failure to read zisz Artikel to ze full extent will result in being szent to gulag. Do not vant? ZEN SZTART OF READINGS, da.

1. PandaTV shirt

It is of the exhibitings above, blin. Zis skin is exclusive made for use of Panda sztreamers only. It is of unobtainable without being Panda sztreamer and have of at least redeemingsz minimal 750 dollar worth gift card. But if you have that kind of money, you will be report to Sztate Szecurity Police for beings dirty capitaliszt pigdog, da.


2. DMM T-shirt

Zis limited edition shirt is only for Japanesz playersz who makings of the buy PUBG on DMM website before October 23 of 2017ings. Like above, cannot of obtain through purchase, only gift card, blin. It has Japanese text and samurai makings the hold of pot. Comrade Shinzo approve.

3. Telnyashka T-shirt

AH! Now szis is gloriousz content, da! Very realistik reproductionings of SOVIET army clothings. Zis only for PUBG players who bought at least of 750 Rubels on mail.ru. So only glorious comrades of Soviet Union can make of the wearings. It is of limited editionings, szo BUY NOW blin.


4. Kakao T-shirt

Again, another geo-restrik content, da. Blin must be Korean Citizen (ALL HAIL GRORIOUS SUPLEME READER KIM JONG-UN) and make orderings of skin between October and November 2017. Beyond such dates, obtaining capability is history, da.

5. Laogong T-shirt

Ah, it is content produce by gloriousz Ally mainland People’s Republic of China! However, it is of shame that no instruktionen of procurings are not available, thus this content isz of extra-mega-ultra-super-duper-Trotsky-level rare, blin. You must askings to billionaire Wang Sicong (tsk tsk China is of abandon true Sozialismus), because skin is made of special for him, da.

6. Partner’s Jacket

This Assassins’ Creed style jacket is very of good, da! However, isz not transzferable, and only for PUBG partner, blin. But it fascinate, because only outerwear clothings amongst all six on this glorious people’s listicle, da?

Okay, do not forget make of leave the comment, or is gulag for you, blin!

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