Dark Star Cho’gath Is Riot’s First New Charity Skin In A Year

Dark Star Cho’gath will be the first charity skin that Riot will release since Championship Ashe’s release in 2017. However, with the new Cho’gath skin 100% of the proceeds will go to charity compared to Ashe’s 25%. Riot has not specified which charity the skin’s proceeds will go to, but have made clear that they would donate to a regional charity. This most likely indicates a charity in the region where you purchased the skin.

Riot were most likely inspired by Overwatch’s valiant effort to raise money for charity when they released the well-received Pink Mercy skin. Compared to the Pink Mercy skin, it definitely feels like Dark Star Cho’gath was finished first and the charity project was thrown in there as an afterthought. The first Cho’gath skin to be released in 3 years certainly doesn’t look like the most charitable skin ever. Despite it not being such as big event as the Pink Mercy one, Riot is still contributing to charities worldwide which is an effort that should be commended.

The skin itself is part of the Dark Star skin line which feature menacing galactic themes and the skins often resemble terrifying entities from another universe. Quite a few champions have already received skins in this theme and it’s one of the more popular and requested skin lines in the game. Although the skin will be on sale for an unlimited amount of time, the charity event will be for a limited duration. Only if you buy the skin from June 21st until July 20th will your money go to charity, after that the proceeds will go to Riot like normally.


Besides Dark Star Cho’gath, Riot has also released two new soccer themed skins to celebrate the upcoming world championship. Riot has a habit of releasing thematic skins during world championships as well as during the Olympic games so it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. This time the championship skins will feature Lee Sin and Rammus. The ‘playmaker’ Lee Sin is appropriate as the champion itself is a play making champion in game and is known for his powerful kicks. Rammus on the other hand is just a soccer ball. This might seem ridiculous but actually makes sense as the champion is able to curl up as a ball and roll around. This time you’ll literally be a soccer ball rolling around the map.

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