Fortnite Dance Moves Are Amazing In Real Life

Fortnite Dance Emotes

I’ve played a lot of different games that offer players the ability to bust out into dance. If I remember correctly, the first game that I played which had it was World of Warcraft and I’ve loved seeing it in games ever since. I mean, what’s more derogatory than dancing over the bodies of people you’ve just defeated? I really do love a little bit of friendly competitive trash talk and dancing post-battle is my emote of choice.


At the moment, I’m going say that Fortnite has the best dances I’ve seen so far, with Overwatch being the only game that can actually compete with them. Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s a fan of the impressive Fortnite dances. YouTube Channel LFP Gaming has put together a video of all of Fortnite’s dances and their real life source. But since Channel LFP Gaming disabled embeds on their video (real classy), check out this one, which is actually better.

Pretty cool right? Fortnite’s dances have been so eye catching lately that a ton of people have even started doing Fortnite dance battles. If you search for “Fortnite Dance Battles” on YouTube, you’ll get a ton of results! I’ve watched quite a few of them already but I have to say that the one that’s best put together is this one by the Eh Bee Family

. Have a look:

I’m a super huge fan of this video. It’s great seeing a family come together around Fortnite and having a blast with this dance competition. Miss Bee is spot on with some of those moves!

Wow… we’ve finally come to the point now where Fortnite competition has busted out of screens and hit us IRL! Honestly, I love how big Fortnite is getting and seeing how awesome the community is makes it all the more better.

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