New World War Z Game Trailer Quietly Released

Paramount is working together with game developer Saber Interactive on a new World War Z video game and have released the trailer earlier this weekend. The game had been revealed quite a few months ago already, but after not receiving any info on the game for a long time, most people had already forgotten that it’s being made. Although the new game trailer does not show any new information on the game, it does give us a quick reminder that the game will still come, and it looks pretty awesome too.


The trailer shows off some gameplay in Moscow, one of the playable locations confirmed to be in the game, and in classical World War Z fashion, sees a small group of survivors trying to fend off an enormous horde of zombies. Compared to most zombie games/movies, World War Z’s zombies are actually terrifying, as they are extremely fast and aggressive. In this zombie universe, walking away at a reasonable pace is not a valid way to avoid death by zombie.


The game seems follow to original book more closely than the movie that was released in 2013 did. Although the movie was quite successful, it did steer away from some of the source material, so fans of the original book might find some joy in this game. It’s centered around “successful survivor stories around the world” and has already confirmed 3 playable locations in Moscow, New York and Jerusalem.

The gameplay will feature four person co-op in which you need to defend a designated location from hordes of zombies by utilizing traps, barricades and firearms. Although we have not seen too many details on the game yet, the gameplay sounds like it will be similar to something like Call of Duty’s zombie modes, where you fight escalating waves of zombies.

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