9 Gaming Life Hacks That Will Change How You Game Forever

Gaming is probably one of the easiest hobbies in life that you can just pick up and enjoy. For a casual experience no prior skill is required and the only equipment you need is a console, PC or even just a phone. We are not going to deny that making an investment is expensive gear will make your entire gaming experience a whole lot better, but there will always be great ways around affording all that equipment.

There are people out there that come up with the most ingenious solutions to gaming annoyances and some of them don’t even cost you anything. We are going to explore some of the best gaming life hacks that will lift your entire gaming experience to the next level.

Gum wrapper as gun trigger


A user by the name of Toomad316 posted a gif on Reddit, which inspired this feature, in which he shows how to transform a gum wrapper to a trigger to increase your mobile FPS experience. In the gif he shows how to fold the wrapper and tape it to your touchscreen so that you won’t need to use another finger to actually fire the gun.

The reasons that this works is because of capacitive sensing. In a nutshell it means that the gum wrapper is a bridge from your body to the device with enough sensitivity that the screen’s sensors recognize it as someone touching the screen. A long and more in depth explanation can be found here

for the tech savvy among you.

Toilet roll storage

Nowadays every gaming device or gadget comes with way too many cables that transform into one big spider web in your designated cable cabinet. Most of these cables will see use at some point, but not often enough to justify sorting out the mess that they create.

A creative soul out there came up with the perfect solution, store your cables in used toilet rolls. Store all of these toilet rolls in a box and done! You just cleaned up that giant mess and everything is sorted tightly for that time when you do need a particular cable. Best of all, you’re recycling materials that you would normally throw away.

Banana holder for headphones

If you’re headset is always lying around in random places but you’re short on cash for a proper headphone stand than this is the hack for you. Instead of buying an expensive headset stand, just buy a cheap banana holder which does the job perfectly. It’s more for organizational purposes than to increase your gaming experience but it’s still good nonetheless.


This might seem really obvious to most people, but it’s probably the most useful advice in this feature. Why it might not really seem like a lifehack at first, it does improve your gaming quality and quality of life altogether. Gaming is one of those hobbies where you can just start up a game and play the day away, but if you’re sitting in a terrible posture the entire day you’re bound to run into issues down the road.

To have a good posture you don’t need to have the most expensive gaming chair in the world. A decent office chair will do the trick as long as it has good back support and is height adjustable. Make sure that you have your display on eye level and have your hands parallel to your elbows when using your keyboard or mouse. You do not have to sit in a perfect 90 degree angle, you can tilt backwards slightly which is also good for your blood flow, as long as you keep your back straight. Follow these tips and your body will thank you forever.

Gaming Mode

Since we just covered a hack mostly for PC, let’s now do one for the console fans. Most console users will use TVs to display their favorite games, but this actually cause a tiny amount of lag for some TVs. TVs differ from monitors in that TVs tend do a lot of processing to make the imagery that they are showing more beautiful whereas monitors just display what they’re told to display right away.

Most TVs will have a gaming mode that you can select somewhere in the display or picture settings. For some TVs the difference might be more noticeable than for others but if you’re a big console gamer and didn’t know about this than be sure to check it out.

Go Wired

This might not seem like a gaming life hack but it totally is. Get rid of that wireless mouse, keyboard, controller and even internet connection. Go wired on everything. It improves your gaming experience so much, especially for your internet connection. Wireless devices are not as laggy as they used to be, but a wired connection is still much faster and there won’t be any interference from other devices. Sure it might be less convenient but if you want to improve your in game reflexes definitely go wired.

For the internet connection, this is a no-brainer. Ethernet cable over wireless is probably the easiest decision to make in your life. It helps so incredibly much with your latency/ping in game. Will 100% improve your gaming experience in every aspect.

Office stool as wheel


This is another creative one from the internet that only a really unique soul can come up with. Use a stool with a spinning seat as a steering wheel. This is for those of you that love to play racing/simulation games but don’t want to put down crazy money for a real gaming wheel. All you need is to find a way to attach your mouse to an object like a desk or table, put an office stool under the mouse and use the stool as steering wheel. Cheap and simple. (As long as you have one of these stools lying around somewhere)

Oven cloth for your laptop

If you’re too poor to buy an expensive gaming set-up, than you might be forced to play games on your laptop. While laptops are not as powerful as PCs they can often run games on lower settings without any problems, although laptops tend to get way too hot while gaming. Your left hand is often inconveniently located on the hottest part of the laptop. A very simple solution to avoid touching that heat is to put an oven cloth on top of that part of the laptop. It won’t interfere with your gaming at all and means your left hand won’t be scorched by a thousand suns anymore.

Split loom tubing

This is a life hack specifically for gamers with pets. I’m sure all of you have experienced, your dog, cat, bunny, iguana or whatever pet you have chewing away on your cables. It can cost you quite a bit to replace those cables and it’s not even nutritious for your pet. A simple way to prevent this issue entirely is to go to your local hardware store and to pick up some split loom tubes. It’s very cheap and they protect your cables from all those chewy monsters.

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