Ubisoft Reveals Their E3 2018 Lineup

Ubisoft has just released a trailer in which they finally give us  information on some of the games that they will be showcasing at the E3 2018. At first the video just looks like a recap from last year’s E3 but with a sudden funny twist they announce a few games we can expect to see. All the games that they have announced are games that have previously been teased or are already released, but the video did hint that we will see some new surprises from the gaming company.

 The revealed games are, Beyond Good and Evil 2, For Honor, Rainbow 6 Siege, Skull & Bones, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas and Transference. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was revealed at last year’s E3 in an absolutely jaw dropping trailer and looked entirely different from the first game. We are excited to see what they will reveal on Beyond Good and Evil 2 this year and it’s definitely THE title to watch out for during Ubisoft’s press conference this year.

Skull & Bones will also be interesting to see, although it was recently announced to be delayed. The open-world pirate adventure game is the first title coming from Ubisoft Singapore and is probably going to compete with Sea of Thieves for best pirate game. Although the games will not feel exactly the same they are both centered around the same theme. Overall Skull & Bones is more centered around naval warfare compared to Sea of Thieves, and the game will feel similar to Assassin Creed’s naval warfare in Black Flag.

Skull and Bones

For Honor, Rainbow 6 Siege and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 are all updates or sequels to already existing games that have their own fan bases. Although we most likely won’t see anything mind shattering like we saw with Beyond Good and Evil 2, the updates/sequel will probably please a lot of the fans and add to the longevity of the games.

The Ubisoft press conference will be held in the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles on June 11, similar to last year. During the actual E3 event, from June 12 to June 14, attendees can go to the Ubisoft booths to play and gain first impressions of some new games, although Ubisoft has not yet revealed which games will be playable.

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