5 Amazing Video Game Inspired Stop-Motion Animations

Stop Motion

Nothing quite gets the juices flowing than when an art form inspires another and, let’s face it, video games are now a full-fledged art form. Given the wide reaching popularity of gaming, it’s no wonder it has leaked into other forms of popular culture. Take for example stop-motion tributes to video games. Though time consuming to make, the results of painstaking stop-motion animation are more often than not extraordinary, especially when they portray some of our favorite characters and games.

Here are our top five picks of the most amazing video game-inspired stop-motion animations.


1. Bricks of War

The use of Lego in stop-motion animation is rampant, notably among amateurs who rely on the plastic blocks and their versatility as the basis for some truly unique interpretations. Here we have an homage to Gears of War, cleverly titled Bricks of War. See for yourself as as fast-paced battle ensues, including grenade explosions made with cotton wool and plasticine blood.

2. Mario – Post It Life

In this tribute to the most famous gaming character of all time, Viner extraordinaire Zach King applies his many talents to crafting a stop-motion rendition of a Mario level. In a twist on the usual methods employed in stop-motion, he uses post it notes to create the character and levels, 7000 of them to be exact.


3. Trace & Bake

Created for Overwatch’s 2nd anniversary event, Trace & Bake is a meticulously precise, yet charming take on two of the games stand-out heroes, Tracer and Reaper. The facial expressions and small details like the way Tracer’s hair moves from scene to scene are a treat to behold. The cake looks good enough to eat as well.

4. The Original Human SPACE INVADERS Performance

This pick is special in that it uses not only stop-motion inspired by cult game Space Invaders, but also incorporates a real life setting and people. The result is quite simply incredibly. Note the music is also home made and consists solely of the creator’s voice, including the cute little shooting sound. As for how long it took, I’d said anything short of a day is underestimating the work involved.

5. GTA V x LEGO Stop Motion 3D Chalk Art

For this one, the creators not only used stop-motion, but for some reason thought it would be a good idea to draw every single movement and shot in chalk on the ground! The mashup between Grand Theft Auto and Lego strangely works as well. Though short, we love this one for the dedication and, of course, the flame thrower.

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