PUBG ‘Ghillie Crossing’ Event Features No Guns or Vehicles

PUBG Ghillie Crossing Event

PUBG’s event for this week is all about stealth and sneaky plays. Ghillie Crossing removes all guns and vehicles from the game. Yep, you heard right. With only crossbows and melee weapons at their disposal, players are tasked with battling each other in far more rudimentary ways than usual.

As the name suggests ghillie suits are also part of the deal and they are set to appear as normal loot at regular intervals in spawn locations across the map. Spawn items such as grenades and consumables will appear as is customary, though add ons will be limited to smaller scopes i.e. x2, x3, and x4 only. Remember scopes reduce the range of crossbow shots so use them wisely.

PUBG Ghillie Crossing Event

You can team up as a four man squad (no solo or duo play) and the event is available in all regions with first person and third person available for most, though Korea and Japan can only play in third person.

Ghillie Crossing is played exclusively on Erangel and follows the usual Battle Royale formula with 100 players. The weather is fixed to ‘sunny’. Damage sustained in the blue zone will deal more damage as the match progresses. In addition, the initial safe zone after dropping into the game will always be focused on the middle of the map. You’ll be happy to hear red zones won’t appear during Ghillie Crossing matches.

The event starts today at 7 pm PDT, May 25th at 4 am CEST, May 25th 10 am HKT and runs until May 27th 7 pm PDT, May 28th 4 am CEST, May 28th 10 am HKT. Heave over to PUBG’s Steam page for more details.

Here’s hoping your archery skills are up to scratch, if not spam those grenades and hope at least one sticks. Otherwise, pray for a frying pan then sneak up on unsuspecting enemies for a sweet one-hit kill.

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