Epic Games Confirms Star-Studded Pro-Am Event At E3

Fortnite Pro-Am

In yet more E3 news, Epic Games have confirmed quite the line up for its Fortnite E3 appearance. The Fortnite team issued a release on Epic’s web site detailing what they have in store for fans, and boy does it sound action-packed.

First up is the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, a tournament matching up with 50 pros and 50 celebrities into pairs who will fight for a grand prize of $3 million destined to the charity of their choosing. Epic have pulled out the big guns and among an illustrious list of contenders are Twitch favorites like Ninja, paired with Marshmello, and Pokimane who will team up with none other than Desiigner. Markiplier is teaming up with actor Joel McHale of Community fame.

The term pro is very loosely employed in this context, though bona fide professionals are indeed making an appearance, for example TSM’s Myth is buddy-ing up with NBA star Paul George. More pairings are set to be announced as E3 approaches and from the groupings already advertised, we can see Epic are going all out by getting some real celebrities into the mix. The event debuts on June 12th at 3:30 pm PST / June 13th at 7:30 am HKT. As always with these events, catch all the action on your favorite platforms YouTube, Twitch, and the like.


Fortnite Pro-Am

Fortnite are also planning an Epic (get it?) party on June 12th, coined Fortnite Party Royale. It’s reserved for exclusive guests and a few lucky E3 attendees, who can get in with a chance of winning a coveted ticket by visiting the Fortnite booth. The booth itself will feature game play, food, the usual deluge of swag, and Fortnite’s characteristic over-the-top approach to everything.

For those of us unfortunate enough not to be attending E3, the Pro-Am tournament is surely the highlight and should provide an entertaining run of games all for a great cause. Only one question remains, will the jetpack be included or not?

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