5 NSFW Games You Probably Shouldn’t Play With Mom

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Ah, what the fuck, you know what this one’s about already. Let’s just cut the crap and to the chase, shall we:

1. ”Grand Theft Auto V”

The three main characters of this game, are, in order of ascending craziness: your typical hood rat, the white suburbanly bank robber, and a CANADIAN PSYCHOPATH/RAPIST/CANNIBAL. Do I really need to explain more?

2.”The Witcher Series”


Sure, the Witcher may seem benign at first look. You play the swashbuckling Geralt of Rivia as he goes from town to town slaying monster FOR GREAT JUSTICE! But some side missions in the series, especially in the super-duper-ultra-HD eye candy third installment are definitely not rated PG-13. Just check ’em out in the video.

3. ”Resident Evil 7”

Resident Evil in general is obviously NOT family-friendly. But the seventh installment in the series is even more gruesome than usual. Especially since the default perspective is first-person. Experience the Sawesque goriness of having to cut off your own leg, and other exciting adventures in puking!


4. ”Mass Effect Series”

Who knew this sci-fi RPG could have even more… objectionable content than The Witcher! Underneath Captain Sheppard’s silvern guise as the galaxy’s saviour, BioWare has taken great pains to include mucho sexual content. Humans, aliens, male, female, androgyne, have it your way™.

5. ”Until Dawn”


From the existing gamut of horror games, Until Dawn might be the most sadistic one there is. Following in the best traditions of Quantic Dream, this interactive horror game tells the story of Josh and his eight closest friends as they are trapped in a remote mountain cabin, while facing threatening situations nineteen to a dozen from the local not-so-neighbourly Wendigo. Get ready for some decapitation action! 

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