Open-World Piracy Adventure ‘Skull & Bones’ Delayed to 2019/2020

Skull & Bones

Ubisoft’s upcoming seafaring pirate adventure Skull & Bones has officially been delayed to 2019 or 2020. In a post on the Ubisoft forums, creative director Justin Farren explained additional time was required to create ‘the ultimate pirate game set to thrill players at launch and for years to come’.

Delays are always a hurdle developers hope to avoid, but in light of the issues marring Sea of Thieves’ release, it seems Ubisoft are eager to get Skull & Bones right. The aim of creating ‘a shared systemic open ocean’ with a colorful selection of landscapes, activities, and warships is at the core of the game. Farren points out they will use the time to ensure they offer ‘a game where the act of attacking and robbing ships at sea — and where every single decision you make — requires you to carefully assess the risk versus reward.’

Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is being developed by Ubisoft Singapore, responsible for the widely acclaimed Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and was first shown off at E3 last year. Game play leans heavily on naval combat during the golden age of piracy and was touted for release later this year.

With a selection of vessels and attacking maneuvers at their disposal, players must navigate the intricacies of a land rife with conflict where colonial powers, pirates, and trading corporations vie for dominance of the seas. By targeting trading routes, building alliances, and amassing a fleet, players are tasked with dominating the Indian Ocean’s ‘untamed frontier’.

Skull & Bones

Single, coop, and multiplayer are planned with emphasis on crews of five players sailing the seas in search of loot and worthy adversaries. Alongside, the open-world is expected to be packed with characters, a deep story, and mysteries worthy of the pirating era. Skull & Bones will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox.

The note ends on a positive note confirming an appearance at E3 next month. Ubisoft will provide a progress report on the state of the game and highlight developments since first being announced.

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