9 Games That Are No Fun Solo

1. ”Mario Party”

Forget Monopoly, Mario Party’s wayyy ahead of the curve! With a layout like the beloved Hasbro game yet non-financial incentive to play, every space you land on is a mini-game of its own!

2. ”Overcooked”

Ever wanted a Cooking Mama for two? Well, here’s your chance! With story-driven gameplay and compelling missions, beat the timer and cook awesome dishes! But be warned, you have to have a partner by your side to play the second chef, or else you’ll have to juggle two dishes at once.


3. ”Rocket League”


It’s soccer. With cars. DO I NEED SAY MORE!?

4. Splatoon

Splatoon is the PG-13 Call of  Duty. Track each other down and shoot to kill… with paintballs! Play on-line or on LAN with up to 4 players in each session.

5. ”Mario Kart Series”

Remember Crash Team Racing or Speed ​​Punks on the original PlayStation? Then you’ll love Mario Kart! This charming little racing game game features fantasy worlds to race through, and power-ups and throwables to take the piss out of your opponents. 

6. ”ARMS”

If boxing’s your thing, then go grab a copy of ARMS off the shelf now. This isn’t just fake boxing, it’s OVER-THE-TOP fake boxing! Manouevre through your opponent’s blocks with bio-mechanical extendable arms, and reach for the stars (literally, because they’re so long!)


7. ”Snipperclips”

Play as two cute little pieces of paper named Snip and Clip. Mix-n-match pieces of yourself in order to solve objectives, and play with up to three other people in Party Mode!

8. ”Little Big Planet”

Little Big Planet puts you in the shoes of Sackboy, a… living… sack… that traipses around the world! Solve unique challenges in an edenesque world and even design your own levels and shar them on PSN!

9. ”Knack II”

The second installation in this action-platformer series has you play as Knack. Kick, punch, expand, make bullets ricochet off of you and more through levels, and even play side-by-side with a partner in co-op mode!

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