GTA Online Update Introduces ‘Trap Door’ Battle Royale-esque Mode

GTA Online Launches ‘Trap Door’ Mode

GTA Online’s latest update introduces a brand new Battle Royale-inspired mode dubbed Trap Door’ as well as a host of other new content.

The new addition to Adversary mode sees heavily armed teams battle it out on a levitating platform above the ocean that shrinks in size as the match progresses. Sixteen players, distributed among four teams, can take part simultaneously. Sections of the platform disappear at intervals, sounded by a red marking and timer. When time runs out, anyone in the red zone falls and is eliminated. The pattern continues until a team wins.

GTA Online Launches ‘Trap Door’ Mode

Killing enemies leads them to respawn in the red zone, which turns into a purgatory-like area for short time. Depending on how far gone the timer is, players may need to escape within seconds to safely regain the match platform, otherwise fall to a watery death in the Pacific below.  Similar to Battle Royale, the map is littered with various loot to improve your chances of survival. Trap Door is accessible from the boot screen or by laying down a way point on the Featured Adversary Mode in game.

To mark the occasion, players earn double loot in the usual form of GTA$ and RP from today until May 21nd. The extra loot also applies to Biker Business Missions and Smuggler’s Run Missions. The update also includes a number of in-game discounts for Executive Office Garages, vehicles, ammunition, and weapons.

GTA Online Launches ‘Trap Door’ Mode

We recommend going into Trap Door with low expectations. Consider it a fun distraction from the other activities in GTA Online, rather than a mode to invest significant hours into.

In other GTA news, Take Two restated its commitment to releasing new content in a fiscal report released yesterday. Spurred on by GTA V recently hitting the 95 million copies sold threshold, Take Two are intent on cementing the game’s ‘status as the highest rated title of the current console generation’, as CEO Strauss Zelnick puts it.

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