League Of Legends Tournament Mode: Clash, Releases May 25

Riot has released a great new video on the League of Legends website that goes into greater detail on their much anticipated new Clash game mode. Clash is a new mode that is added to League that will allow you to create a team of 5 players and battle against other teams in a tournament setting. Every 2 weeks a new tournament will start that will run for 3 days at a time. The tournaments will be single-elimination brackets and feature different themes.

In order to be eligible to participate in the tournament, you need to have at least a rank in any queue and you need to be honor 2. You also have to verify your account with a phone number before you can compete. This rule is implemented to avoid smurfs from running over lower ranked teams during the tournament. Team captains will create a team and choose which players to invite. The invited players will stay in your team for the remainder of the tournament so pick wisely.


The matchmaking will be based on the tier of your team. The average rank of your 5 man team will be calculated, based on which you will be placed in a certain tier. If you go in with 4 bronzies and a challenger, the bronzies will face opponents that will completely demolish them, so try to have players of equal skill level. Substitutes are allowed to play on the 2nd or 3rd day of the tournament in case one of your teammates can’t play that day. The substitutes will be obligated to play that entire day.


Before a tournament starts, your team has 30 minutes to lock in. If you snooze you lose and your entire team will be unable to play in the tournament for that day, meaning you will automatically lose every game on a single day.

After the lock in has happened for all teams, the teams will be put in a scouting window. In the scouting window you can see the enemy team’s players, their ranks and what champs they are good on. It will also tell you on which side you will be playing. This is a small window of opportunity to create a strong strategy versus your opponent.

Each tournament plays for 3 days. On the first day players will face off in a 4-team bracket, and will only play 2 matches. On the second day the teams will play in an 8-team bracket where you will play 3 games. The final day of the tournament is the most important one. This day the teams will face of in a 16-team bracket, and in order to win the Clash trophy you will have to beat a total of 4 opponents in a row. The more you win throughout the tournament, the better the prizes you get.

Clash is a new and exciting feature in League of Legends that is sure to bring some new competition to the community. Players have wanted a tournament mode for a very long time and it is finally here. Now even bronze players can act out there wildest LCS fantasies.

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